Peter J. Burns: "We're Looking For A Few Good...Luxury Vendors"

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To paraphrase the old Marine slogan of "We're looking for a few good men," The Exchange Collection ( is reaching out to find a select number of high value luxury product providers in the following fields:

Fine Wines, Women's jewelry and watches, Highest quality linens, Crystal glassware, Quality china, World class coffees, Gourmet chocolate, Top kitchen appliance providers, Finest cutlery, cookery and flatware brands, Expensive foodstuffs (see

Our clientele consists of a very desirable demographic for luxury goods providers:

  • Age (median) 25-55

  • Highly educated (95%+ undergraduate/masters/doctorate degrees)

  • Majority own businesses, are senior executives or professionals (doctors, lawyers, etc.)

  • High net worth: $5+ million

  • High annual income: $500,000+

  • Primary home value: $2-3 million; 50% own 2nd home

  • Members are active travelers (4-6 weeks per year)

  • Members are active in other private clubs/associations

  • Members are primarily concentrated within a 100-mile radius of the top 30 metropolitan areas of the United States

 The Exchange Collection ( has formulated a very powerful "21st Century Product Placement Program" that will provide unique access to literally thousands of well-heeled consumers, who will sample, consume and use all of the luxury goods placed in the multi-million dollar vacation villas, well appointed luxury boutique hotels and B&Bs that are part of The Exchange Collection inventory. And even more remarkably...our Program costs the luxury goods providers...nothing! (see link below)

If you know of a luxury goods manufacturer or distributor that may want to do business with us, please do pass along this blog entry to them and ask them to reach out to us at or reach me here on LinkedIn.

Posted on March 21, 2018 .