Peter J. Burns III: The New Paradigm In Luxury Travel...

The new paradigm....jpeg

Sometimes, it really is that simple.

You want to take your family for a very nice vacation to somewhere special. Or you and another couple want to visit somewhere exotic. 5 Star Resort Hotels are terrific, of course, but the prices, lack of privacy, shared public amenities and the need to go out for every meal just isn't as appealing as it used to be. You could join a Destination Club or Private Travel Club to stay in beautiful vacation villas but the entry fee of $10k-$250k plus the "Rack Rate" of $2k per day just isn't much of a "deal" these days and guess what(?) your choice of places and dates never seems to work because "availability" is so limited. start sifting through the literally thousands of Vacation Rental Management Companies all featuring (the same ) spectacular vacation villas...and all at full retail pricing.

Enter....The Exchange Collection ( We feature more selections of exceptional vacation villas (2000 plus), more availability in those choice properties and all at a price point that simply cannot be beat-30% off the BAR (Best Available Rate).

 So, here's our basic pitch...

Posted on March 21, 2018 .