"The Distance Between Insanity and Genius is Measured Only by Success"

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My entire life has been marked by startling innovations and Icarus-like failures. My first "official" business resulted from a college project business plan when I speculated that importing mopeds from Europe to US resorts and renting them to tourists was a good idea. It was. I was a multi millionaire three years later (age 22) and my younger brothers (who are now Business Titans in their own fields) got their start working for me during the summers.

While my decidedly ADHD/bi-polar inclinations resulted in the start-ups of 100 businesses in dozens of fields, including co-founding the largest entrepreneurial organization in the world, founding the first Accredited College of Entrepreneurship in the US, inventing three products (receiving patent pendings in three disparate fields), volunteering in Ethiopia to teach entrepreneurship and starting new ventures there and doing a host of other really cool things in my nearly four decades of entrepreneurship...I never realized the colossal financial success of either younger brother. One runs the largest independent entertainment company in the world, booking over $36 million in compensation just in the last two years while the other manages billions in private wealth, booking millions each year for himself. I am very proud of my little brothers. :)

Ten years after I left academia and a fast tracking military career (I entered the Army at 17, was Appointed to West Point, also won a 4 Year ROTC Scholarship, etc.) to start my first business, I was crushed to the tune of $6mm through a combination of my frenetic overleverage in commercial real estate "facilitated" by the theft of $250,000 by a so-called friend since we were Cub League baseball players together since age 10. Oh well...

The next ten years it took to build it all over again (another $6mm) was wiped off the face of the earth through a combination of very risky bets and a divorce...leveling me yet again.

Well, they say the "Third Time's a Charm, " so...at the age of 58, divorced for 19 years, with two spectacular daughters, happily married and with a growing brood of my progeny...I am in the best place I have ever been in life's journey so far. During the last couple of months I took on a new project and scaled it to the point that I managed to actually create a brand new twist to the longstanding and quite fragmented industry of luxury travel. It really looks quite promising and tomorrow evening, I'm having dinner with the CEO and top execs of one of the industry leaders to discuss a sweeping partnership between his much, much bigger company and my little start-up of 2 weeks. What's more, my Patent Pending on the actual innovation will be documented tomorrow before our big dinner.

The "genius" part of my life right now, albeit by far the greatest "success" is my family. Within the past year, both of my daughters chose spectacular mates, the eldest giving birth to my first grandchild 4 months ago, a beautiful little girl. My youngest daughter, followed up with delivering precious identical twin granddaughters only 2 months later. Well..it gets even better because yesterday, on St. Patrick's feast day, my first daughter announced that she is 2 months along with...another set of twins!

I'm the richest man in the world!

Posted on March 21, 2018 .