Peter J. Burns III: "I Love It When A Plan Comes Together!"

i love it....jpeg

Remembering the immortal words of the late, great George Peppard, best known as Colonel Hannibal Smith of "The A Team"  fame, brought a smile to my face recently. That's exactly how I feel about the latest development with The Exchange Collection ( and their very first marketing campaign.

Taking from own hard-earned lessons in "Marketing 101,"  just started to promote our unique product- luxury vacation villa rentals at a whopping 50% of the "rack rates" charged by everyone else in the fragmented vacation rental world. We prepared our beta test email to a small number (20,000) of a HNW demographically-selected group that we had assembled and the results were off-the-charts!

You may see our 1st advertisement and the results on the attachments.

Never pay full price.jpeg

Now, I'm certainly no expert in email marketing but I do know that when the open rates and click-throughs total in the numbers presented above...we are really on to something. Of course, the company will be refining and perfecting our messaging as well as trying any number of additional marketing strategies but as Hannibal Smith would say at the end of a successful A-Team mission...

"I love it when a plan comes together," and so do I!

Posted on March 21, 2018 .