How quickly we forget the challenges of a Start-Up!

how quickly....jpeg

It's been a month since the launch of The Exchange Collection website ( with its radical premise that you can monetize underutilized luxury assets (think vacation villas, jets, yachts) with the alternate currency of our Patent Pending "Exchange Points."

As for Start-Ups...I've been at it for coming on four decades and believe never gets any easier. However, the thrill of the "Ah Ha" moment when you come up with the original idea, moving on to the tangible reality of a web presence with real offerings and of course, the thrill of booking your first sale...simply cannot be matched by much else.

The site, like the new business, is a living, breathing and evolving effort. Each day, there are new ideas to hash out, improvements to be made and actual steps taken to see what works and what does not. It is exhausting but exciting, nevertheless.

As of today, we have inputted the first $1mm of inventory available for our Asset providers to trade their unused time in their multi-million dollar villas for luxury goods and services, offered at fair retail rates for their "Exchange Points."

I just learned that our exclusive jet charter offering at 50% Cash/50% Exchange Points may become "live" in days...and we can now compete with any in the crowded jet charter field at half the retail pricing (cash component) and our "Exchange Points" for the balance. What is more, our new jet charter provider patented the only "real time" jet booking application on the planet and our Exchange Collection members will become "early adopter" beneficiaries.

On another exciting front, we just received our very own branded Discover Debit Card, with its unique application of holding both cash balances plus our Exchange Points. This one innovation alone puts our brand new Start-Up into the fast track with such advanced technology. (see bottom of Home Page at

In other words, so much to do and so little time and... I LOVE IT!

Posted on March 21, 2018 .