Free at last...from the tyranny of webmasters

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Be honest, fellow've always had a "love/hate" relationship with web site gurus. They can create the most beautiful and functional windows into our businesses. Our shiny new web sites have all of the bells and whistles and we can't wait to show everyone our new toys.

However, we do pay dearly for web masters' vastly superior "techie wisdom," with half finished projects that never seem to measure up to the hype...or the never ending costs of making our sites actually work the way they were supposed to in the first place. How many times in your entrepreneurial careers have you been literally held hostage by a web designer?

To wit... that url you were so proud of...actually doesn't belong to you. The web designer paid for it on his credit card paid a multiple of that cost in his so-called "deposit" he charged you to undertake your project. Then, after weeks and sometimes months of one delay after another...voila(!) your new site is unveiled simply sucks. And guess what(?) you have to pay the inflated balance due or your business doesn't even have it's less-than-adequate web site. Oh joy...and unfortunately, most of us never, ever learn.

Well, that has all changed and I have the proof. I've lately watched with some uncertainty as "free" web site template sites sprang up claiming to simplify and fast track the web design process. Supposedly these sites offered a variety of "looks" and the ability to "plug n play" with your content, including pictures and even videos. In all candor, I am so "non-techie" that as easy as it is, I would still be stumped but...I have legions of 20-something interns and guess what(?), using these free template sites, especially is child's play for them.

As I am often wont to do, I came up with a brand new business to launch. I needed a new web site...and quick. I recruited one of my new interns and as a matter of fact, this young man had never build any kind of web site before. However, he was eager to learn and jump in and in literally ten hours of trial and error and back and forth together with some fine-tuning...I had a brand new and beautiful web site. Yes, my new site is simple but it is both informational and attractive. What's more...I had it in 10 hours and it was completely FREE!

Here it is... (access as a Visitor) It goes "live" shortly.

The tide has turned, fellow entrepreneurs. Take back your web sites and shake off the shackles of the once invincible webmasters. :)

Posted on March 21, 2018 .