Calling out to the Founders, Presidents and Biz Dev Directors of VRMCs

calling out to the founders.jpeg

Less than 3 weeks ago while in the midst of fashioning strategic partnerships for a consulting project involving a Destination Club, I expanded upon one of my ideas and what emerged became a full blown, as-of-yet undiscovered vertical in the high end vacation home rental industry. The idea was so unique that with the great work of my IP attorney, we put together a sweeping Provisional Patent Pending and filed for it a scant week ago.

For those of you reading this that do not know, the VRMC business is a very fragmented industry featuring "exclusive" and mostly "non-exclusive" relationships with homeowners to rent out (fully managed or not) their homes to vacationers. There are thousands of such VRMCs in business around the world, some huge with hundreds of thousands (some with millions) of listings and some, especially the "exclusive" ones, with a couple of hundred or less listings. The "exclusive" designation means that the homeowner agrees that the designated VRMC is the only one to rent and fully manage their property. The "non-exclusive" designation means that the other VRMCs are sometimes only listing agencies and there are multiple others scrapping over renting out the same home.

Our new company, "The 1%" only concerns itself with the "exclusive" and "non-exclusive" VRMCs that deal with the highest strata of luxury vacation rental homes. That's our niche and that's the space we are in. Now, according to our research, there are around 175 of these high level VRMCs in the world. We only need to work with a select few of them to create a very large book of business for everyone...very fast.

I am taking this opportunity and forum to reach out to any interested parties within this industry (luxury only) that would like to discuss how we all may profit from our innovative new process of accelerating the occupancy from the current industry standard of 26%...taking that utilization to much higher %. Please reach out to me at to discuss the possibilities together.

FYI, the picture on this blog was my own home, when I moved to Phoenix in 2000. It was a magnificent 12,000' home (including a 3500' guest house) built in 1929, with a 45' ceiling in its Great Room and filled with fabulous antiques and thick Persian rugs. It even had its own Chapel, blessed by a Cardinal before he became a Pope many years ago. Ahhhh, the good old days...

Anyway, if your VRMC features an assortment of homes as nice or nicer than my old stomping grounds...we are on the right track. Get in touch. Thank you.

Posted on March 21, 2018 .