Peter J. Burns III: Be Careful (And Thankful) For What You Wish For!

Be careful....jpeg about a "Whirlwind" in the past three months for The Exchange Collection. Starting as just an idea from the many that I had conjured up on behalf of a Destination Club consulting client that couldn't seem to grasp the possibilities...I reached back to an old friend (an industry expert) and with this idea, The Exchange Collection ( was born.

I am 58, coming up on 59, have been divorced for 20 years (still best friends with my former wife) and the proud father of two spectacular daughters, who have chosen fine mates and have given their mother and me three sweet and oh-so-cute baby granddaughters...with another set of twins on the way!

This latest (ad)venture has already borne much fruit, morphing into a number of exciting verticals, unique in the luxury vacation world and has positioned our fledgling company into something that promises to deliver that Private Equity catchphrase as "Enterprise Value," according to one investment banker come calling. Pretty cool, I'd say.

Anyway, it is all about the excitement and novelty of the start-up and development for me. Sure, the money will be nice and certainly, the inevitable earnings multiple offers to buy all or part of our company in the not-too-distant future is fun to think about.  However, the fact remains that as a tried-and-true, often battered entrepreneur... it really is all about the deal. :)

That said, please have a view of our USA samplings of our more than 2000 (so far) luxury vacation villas around the world, make your wish where you want to stay next and get in touch.

Best always,


Posted on March 21, 2018 .