Peter J. Burns III: Baking A Cake...Entrepreneur-Style


In the over four decades of business start-ups under my belt, I've seen it all. What holds true for virtually every business is that nearly 80% of the process of starting and operating a new venture is exactly the same...with 20% being the "unique differentiator" ....what separates a tech application enterprise from a pizza delivery business.

 A simple video I recently did for my YouTube Channel describes my utilizing my own particular skill set of "assembling the pieces" of a start-up.

I fare from back East and am domiciled there (The Hamptons) and this past year, I set up another place of residence in Southern California, in the spectacular beach community of La Jolla. Being an entrepreneur, with a laptop, Smartphone, Internet Connection and a Rolodex (I'm dating myself here, lol) that expands to many thousands of invaluable contacts across the world...I can operate from literally anywhere.

Since I landed out West, I've been working with a Team of great partners in a unique niche in the luxury villa vacation space (, launched a "re-do" of an old engineering marketing venture that is tailor-made to our new villa venture ( and partnered up with a very interesting and quite luxurious vertical of flying "pampered pets" by private jets (

Along the way, I reached out to assemble my own infrastructure of contract workers like web and graphics designers, lead generation experts, social media mavens and even personal assistants. My reach out through only a couple of local channels yielded an astounding pool of over 350 individuals who wanted to join me. Vetting through the lot was time-consuming but educational and I cherry-picked a handful of super stars. This left a whole lot of perfectly qualified but under-utilized talent out there...a key component of this latest idea I'm exploring in this blog today.

In America, as is the case in much of the world, the strive for achieving "The American Dream" is alive and well. People crave self-determination, a business and future of their very own but the process of entrepreneurship is very, very hard and only a small % of people actually act upon that goal...let alone succeed. I've been at this "game" since the age of 19 and started between 100-150 new ventures. Some ventures paid off, most died a lonely death but a few made me millions and millions of dollars and I will never stop with my mission of starting up new companies. This time, however, I'm going to help others start their own companies and I think I have the winning formula of "baking their entrepreneurial cake" with them. :)

Taking my vast contacts in literally every facet of business start-ups, I've fashioned a plan of action that combines my own litany of start-up ideas with others' plans of business start-ups with my seasoned team of independent service providers (web, graphics, legal, accounting, lead gen, social media) and that often elusive necessity of...actual start-up capital. Mixing all of this together in the exact proportions necessary...I do believe that I can launch (and participate in) any number of new ventures by helping the wannabe entrepreneurs "bake their very own entrepreneurial cake."

As I just mentioned, start-up capital is the "gas in the tank" that all ventures need to make a go of it. Banks have been and always will be completely useless for the start-up entrepreneur...but I don't use banks. Instead, I've cultivated alternate funding resources over the years and one in particular has proven to be extremely useful for my new endeavor.

The NY Times Bestselling Author of "Guerilla Financing" is an old friend and we do a lot of business together. Recently, he has secured funding offers for two of my La Jolla clients, a $30,000,000 line of credit for an exciting entertainment company and a $3 million line for short-term financing for an airline ticketing company. In one of our recent weekly chats, my friend shared a brand new product that is perfectly fashioned for the line up of potential entrepreneurs that knock on my proverbial door literally every day. He has a non-secured credit card product that offers up to $100,000 in affordable money to any brand new start-up candidate with has a FICO score of 700 or slightly more. Period.

The individual can have the idea that he is hell-bent on launching and even if he or she does not have the required 700 + FICO, can bring in a credit partner that does and then we have secured a valid credit repair firm to "up" the score of the entrepreneur through a time-tested methodology over a short 2-3 month window...while the "stand-in" credit partner helps launch the start-up. Once the entrepreneur' score is improved enough to qualify for the card on their own, the "interim" guarantor is released from the original obligation. Simple and clean.

Check out this simple link on the start-up financing opportunity:


Now, here's where I come in with my seasoned Team of experts...I have a professional business plan writer prepare the narrative summary, research all and prepare financial forecasts of the start-up. I have the web/graphics designers to develop the web site, collateral material and messaging with social media experts that prepare a campaign for the new venture. I have legal and accounting standards put into place, banking relations and contracts prepared. The money from my financier budgets for all of this expert help as well as establishes a base draw for the entrepreneur to be able to afford to commit whatever time he or she needs to wean themselves off the "employment nipple" and engage in their very own business.

In life, it is always a matter of "risk vs. reward." What's the risk here for the erstwhile entrepreneur? Well, that individual has to "have skin in the game" and if they are allowed to borrow the $100k in start-up capital...that is their obligation to repay. Now, whether I decide to come into the deal with my assembled Team is another consideration. At this point in my life I can choose to work on any deal or with any individual that I want to...and I am veryselective with whom I wish to work with. So...if either an entrepreneur's idea and personality are a fit for me or they want to engage in an ownership stake of one of my great ideas...I am willing to consider the opportunity. You can reach me directly at

I came up with this idea only four days ago and so far, I have 9 individuals pre-qualifying for $100k each for start-ups in the following fields:

A portable Cryo technology with significant health benefits accruing from 3 minute sessions at temperatures colder than 150 degrees below freezing. The principals of the business may become two clients and I have their first two franchisees lined up for my financing. The business plan is in process as we speak.

A unique methodology of acquiring 40 year leaseholds on aging boutique hotels in urban areas and tripling the profitability through select improvements and brilliant yield management techniques.

A warm weather "second home: project utilizing modified and upgraded double-wide trailers in upscale trailer parks, selling interests in these trailers to "Sun Birds" on contracts for deeds.

A medical doctor who owns two urgent care facilities and who responded to my concept of creating the first ever mobile urgent care facility, tethered to traditional facilities but creating the entirely new dynamic of going directly to where the clients are....with the portable Urgent Care Facility.

We are only limited by our imagination and commitment to action. Join me if you dare....

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Posted on March 22, 2018 .