Peter J. Burns III: Why I Still Try To Help (Some) Millennials...


Who hasn't seen the hilarious YouTube depiction of a "Millennial Job Seeker" oxymoron if I've ever heard one.


  • Well, I am here to tell you that there really are exceptions to this often depicted typecast. I am a lifelong entrepreneur ( and start new ventures faster than some people can put on their shoes.

  • In the last 12 years or so, I have been active in the "entrepreneurial education" space, first teaching courses as an Adjunct at the venerable Barret Honors College at ASU. Then, moving the whole Program over to Grand Canyon University, I started the first accredited College of Entrepreneurship at GCU. I even had a stint as a Visiting Entrepreneurship Educator at two top universities in Ethiopia several years ago.

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  • The sheer brilliance and earnest enthusiasm of these young men and women I taught represented one of the most satisfying times of my 4-decade long career in entrepreneurship. Moving from back East to La Jolla two years ago, I have started no less than 5 new ventures and have actively sought the help of Millennials as my interns in each new venture.

  • Certainly, there have been some missteps along the way of recruiting these bright young people and some even appeared to be the model for the mocking YouTube video I shared...but there are the "jewels" in every batch of new people I interview. I have gotten quite good at picking the winners and I am glad to place my bets on them.

  • The Millennial vertical may appear to be spoiled and entitled but the truth is...they never stood a chance. Their parents sacrificed everything to give their children (Millenials) the best educations and all fell for the falsehood that an expensive education ensured success in the business world. The truth was...the average educational debt of the Millenials I have interviewed was around $50,000 and I have even met young people with $100,000 hanging over their heads as they enter the "real world."

  • Employers really don't care where you went to school, what your GPA was or how many extracurricular activities you stacked your resume with. All the prospective employer wants to know is can you do the job offered, efficiently and for the benefit of his or her business. There are 100-200 applicants (or more) for every decent entry-level job and all you can do is dazzle the interviewer if you ever get to that point.

  • Personally, I look for the struggling young person who didn't have a lot of support getting to where they are. I prefer self-starters who worked during their school years and didn't leach off their parents and go into spiraling student loan debt. I absolutely love would-be entrepreneurs with the dreams to "hire themselves" and will often do whatever I can to mentor them to do just that.

  • My door is open to the would-be success stories out there and I will give them a shot. If you want to connect, reach me through my site at

  • JFK once said and I paraphrase here..."Of which much is given, much is expected."

  • I would like to take JFK up on this on behalf of select Millenials.

Posted on March 22, 2018 .