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I often paraphrase the wise sayings of people I admire and one such saying I reflect on here is JFK's "Of which much is given, much is expected."

Ten years ago, I stumbled upon the niche market of cost segregation and not only used this unique but little-practiced process for my own fee generating purposes but expanded upon it through one of the innovative techniques outlined on the link below:

Cost Segregation For Charitable Giving

Literally, every duly licensed 501c-3 charity can use this powerful technique to raise all of the funds they will ever seek from their existing and future donors that own commercial virtually zero cost and a tremendous benefit to the donor and of course, to the charity itself.

The process of cost segregation is fully explained and the charitable-giving aspect explored on the site I am available to further discuss this with any of you interested in either raising money for your charity using this very powerful innovation.

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Posted on March 22, 2018 .