Peter J. Burns III – The Man and the Entrepreneur

Where do you draw the dividing line between Peter J. Burns III the man and Peter J. Burns III the Entrepreneur?  There is no dividing line between the two.  Peter's passion and zeal as an individual are what fuels his entrepreneurial businesses.

What makes a man a successful entrepreneur?

Peter’s intelligence and creativity is what drives his business ventures successfully.  His innovative thinking, his ability to see a pattern amidst chaos and the capability to weave a business program out of it is the reason he has been able to start up around 100 entrepreneurial businesses, operate several of them, buy and sell others. Peter’s enthusiasm is infectious; it affects all those he associates and interacts with.  Several business entrepreneurs reached out to Peter J. Burns III to bounce ideas off him and innovate existing plans and ideas.

Thanks to the number of startup ventures Peter J. Burns III has to his credit, he has developed a wide network of associates and it is a win-win relationship for all who interact with him.  Peter believes in sharing his ideas and is always ready to offer solutions to the problems that plague the entrepreneur.

Peter the visionary

Peter has a penchant for seeing profitable opportunities in the most mundane of circumstances.  He dares to venture where no one else would tread.  Most often his foray into the unknown has proved not just lucrative but has also spawned further ideas of business.  For example, renting out of unoccupied luxury villas on a timeshare pattern opened inroads into the marketing of luxury products for the luxury traveler.  It is indeed a pleasure to deal with Peter J Burns III. He appears to have the sense of a clairvoyant when it comes to recognizing business opportunities, well ahead of their time.

Aura of positivity

Peter is candid, forthright and is always willing to share his ideas and expertise with those who ask for it.  He exudes an air of positivity and displays an uncanny knack for creating order out of bedlam.  In short, he is able to connect the dots and draw up a crystal-clear blueprint for almost any business proposition.  Quick thinking and with the ability to distill information, discarding the chaff and retaining the data, Peter can almost instantaneously codify action that requires being taken to turn an idea into a tangible business deal.

Tax Considerations

He is not just a successful entrepreneur, he is a number-crunching wizard when it comes to tax benefits that are there for the reckoning when it comes to cost segregation.  For more details on this aspect, you should visit While donating to a charity of your choice, you also stand to avail of tax refunds and rebates.

Contribution to society

As the founder of Club E, he seeks not only to gather around him like-minded entrepreneurs but also encourages them to return to society.  He firmly believes that what goes around is what comes around.  Life is a circle and the good you do to others eventually comes back to you, after benefitting several others along the way.  

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Posted on March 17, 2018 .