The Entrepreneur and Educator


Peter J. Burns III is a serial entrepreneur and an enterprise educator.  A freshman from the University of Virginia, he went on to do a senior level course in entrepreneurship at a time when there were only four such schools in the country. His first business venture at the young age of 19, was importing mopeds from Austria. Peter capitalized on the season and the novelty of the idea and earned for himself $ 55,000/- over a brief period of ten weeks; this was back in the 70s when $ 55,000/- was considered a princely sum. From this experience, Peter went on to create the first recreational business in the world.  For more details on Peter’s educational and business portfolio visit

Treasure House of entrepreneurial advice

In fact, Peter J Burns IIIhas a Midas touch when it comes to starting up new business ventures.  He has created about a hundred different entrepreneurial businesses, operated, sold, bought and done umpteen judicious deals. With this wide gamut of entrepreneurship under his belt, Peter is in a position to offer advice on almost any entrepreneurial business; if he does not have the first-hand experience in the sector, he most certainly will know someone who has and he is more than willing to assist you through his network.

The Educator and Entrepreneur

A tried and tested,  true blood and guts entrepreneur Peter J. Burns III has a very altruistic nature; he is open and transparent in his dealings, always ready to share his business ideas, seeks to collaborate business ventures to leverage maximum benefit and a win-win situation for all concerned. After about thirty years as a successful entrepreneurship, Peter moved to Phoenix, Arizona and put his hand to something he had not formally attempted earlier i.e. He started his own class on entrepreneurship.  His class comprised 19 students and they spawned 13 business plans and started 5 companies. To ensure continuity of the entrepreneurial spirit, Peter started the Club Entrepreneur (Club E).  His class of 19 students became the first 19 members of Club E.  This club has since grown impressively to encompass a membership of 7000!  The second semester saw a more than four-fold increase in the number of students from 19 to 94.  Peter’s attempts for funding from the University did not go the way he had hoped it would.  However, that was no dampener for this spirited entrepreneur.  He went on to start his own College of Entrepreneurship and it is understood, he was successful in this venture.  He added two schools on Entrepreneurship in due course. 

Getting a college degree without getting into debt

While the need of the hour is to re-tool and re-educate every American, it does not make sense to sink into debt trying to earn your college degree.  There is no point qualifying four years later with a five-figure debt hanging over your head while you hunt for the ideal job to pay back your college loan.  When then will you begin to build up your life? Peter J. Burns III and Club Entrepreneur have collaborated with Andrew Jackson University, to offer tuition waivers to meritorious students who cannot afford the fees.  For more details on Peter, visit

Posted on March 17, 2018 .