Peter J. Burns III: Pursuing Entrepreneurial Dreams


Peter J Burns, III has been finding ways to create his own business since he was young. He learned early how to identify opportunities and capitalize on them. Peter was also able to face obstacles to his endeavors headon, and did not let them slow him down. Instead, at the young age of 19, he was able to take on the City of Nantucket and saw his moped business continue to grow and expand for the next twenty years. As a result of his own success, Peter decided to also invest in other young entrepreneurs hoping to be able to launch their own businesses

Being the First in the Nation

For is first “real” business endeavor, Peter J Burns, III developed a business plan as part of a class he took at the University of Virginia. He was able to put the plan into place to import a number of mopeds from Austria, and then made them available for rental to tourist in the Nantucket area. As the first in the nation to offer moped rentals, he was able to take his business to other areas as well, including 100 different markets. Later on Peter was also able to add other rental options to his growing fleet, and the business flourished for the next twenty years.

Expanding Beyond Tourism

Peter J Burns, III also decided to expand his endeavors beyond just rentals to tourist. Some of these include developing the Insertazine format of publishing magazines. Peter also developed a network of entrepreneurs known as the Club Entrepreneur, the very first resource center for entrepreneurs, a founding member of the Entrepreneurs Organization at the young age of 29, and also began the first email marketing firm. But Peter still wanted to help future entrepreneurs more, and invested further into future business owners through teaching at the university level. As a result, Peter developed a course at Arizona State University and also helped to begin at Grand Canyon University, the first recognized College of Entrepreneurship.

Multiple Accolades and Featured in the Media

Peter J Burns, III saw so much business success in his entrepreneurial endeavors that it caught the attention of multiple periodicals, radio broadcasts, and even television. Peter was featured in the Phoenix Business Journal, CNN, Fox Business, the Arizona Republic, the State Press, Entrepreneur Magazine and the Wall Street Journal. In addition to being recognized by the media, Peter also received a number of different accolades. Some of these include The Top 50 Power Brokers award from the Phoenix Business Journal, the Arizona FBLA Business Person of the Year, and nominated for the Youngest Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

Most Recent Endeavors

Peter J Burns, III is currently back in the North East region, where he pursued yet another business opportunity. For the past couple of years, Peter has been heading up a consulting business for the luxury lifestyle market. The primary focus of this business opportunity is on vacation homes and luxury villas, but is hoping to expand into other luxury lifestyle commodities, including luxury boats and aircrafts.

Posted on March 17, 2018 .