Peter J Burns III Opens the Sky for Your Pets to Fly

Photo by damedeeso/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by damedeeso/iStock / Getty Images

Every pet lover knows how painful vacation time can be when it comes to finding alternate accommodation and care for the pets.  A pet is a member of the family and one need to find appropriate alternate care for the pet if you cannot take it along for the vacation.

Pet-friendly measures

Peter J. Burns III has already developed a working relationship with a jet charter Company to fly the luxury traveler to the luxury villas for their vacations.  (See or visit  True to his enterprising spirit, Peter went the extra mile to find that there was more potential riding on the wings of these private charter jet flights.  The director of the jet company was willing to fly pets along with the owners at a special price. This couldn’t have come at a better time, when commercial airlines were placing restrictions on flying certain breeds and which was posing a hurdle to pet owners.  This new idea was marketed by Peter to his luxury clients and he found a good response.  Owners were happy because not only did it provide accessibility to any destination it also took a load off the owners’ mind as the pets could travel in the cabin and were not confined to the cargo hold!

Costs of transporting pets by charter jets

To the common man, $ 50,000/- to $ 60,000/- may sound like a phenomenal figure for a round trip for a pet. But, if the owner was willing to spend $ 14,000/- to $ 20,000/-per week on renting the luxury villa, plus his own chartered flight costs, $ 50,000/= would appear seemingly insignificant an amount to pay to have your pet along with you for the entire vacation.  Calculate costs of alternate accommodation for your pet, try to put a price on the intangible – the worry, the concern on your part and the anxiety and the fear on the part of your pet; these costs would perhaps far outweigh the airfare spent to transport your pet.  Let’s not forget the joy of having your pet with you 24/7 through your vacation.  You will probably get to spend more time with your pet through the day when compared to the workdays back home.  So ultimately though expensive, the trouble-free convenience is well worth the money spent, concludes Peter J. Burns III

Right Place at the Right Time

Blessed with a gift for enterprise Peter J. Burns III always seems to be at the right place at the right time.  Here, for example, his associate in the jet company generated the idea; but with his rapport and network, Peter capitalized on the idea and was agreeable to market the concept.  Looking at a goal of at least one pet traveling per day @ $ 50,000/- per trip spelled out an $ 18 Million dollar business for the year.  Now, if that isn't big money tell me what is? It is all about recognizing potency in everyday life and building on it to make it a revenue-generating project. For more details on Peter J. Burns III, please visit

Posted on March 17, 2018 .