Peter J Burns III on The Two-Way Benefits Of The Recession

Perhaps one of the reasons for Peter’s phenomenal success as a serial entrepreneur is his large heart.  His mission is to help as many people as possible.  What you give back to society and nature eventually comes back to you, which are the simple and fundamental law of life.

The displaced worker

Quite often high paid top management executives lose their jobs owing to recessionary trends in the industry and find it difficult to get new employment.  Not every displaced individual can be an entrepreneur, but he could be usefully employed in an entrepreneur’s team where his skills and talents can once again be utilized.   Peter J. Burns III emphasizes that what the retrenched worker should bear in mind is firstly not to lose his head but instead focus on recovering from the disaster.  Keeping a cool head he should work to his goal of getting employment once again.  Look to associating himself with a good start up team rather than trying to wind his way back to the corporate world.

A skilled team

Peter J. Burns III believes there is plenty of opportunities out there in the world, it is only a question of meeting up with the right people at the right time. Peter is happy to invite the redundant employee to meet with him and is willing to reach out to his wide network and Club E members for employment opportunities.  Remember says Peter, being out of a job does not mean your skills no longer exist.  You are a master in your own right, you only need to find the opportunity. 

For the startup business entrepreneur, Peter has advice too.  He advocates building the right team of employees who will be your strongest asset to grow the business.  In times of recession, Peter says it is easier to find many unemployed people who will make a strong team. How do you find these people? Reach out to the people in the work challenged arena through constant and focused networking, scrutinizing data banks, executive forums etc.  Now how do you separate the wheat from the chaff?  You collate and study their skill sets and assemble those with complementary skill sets for your startup team.  Here Peter J. Burns III suggests the use of the Kolbe index.  More information on this incredible management tool is available on the internet..  This amazing tool determines a person’s instinctive way of reacting to different situations. Going by the findings from this index, an entrepreneur can build his team by filling in the gaps and maximizing potential professionally. It is a tried and trusted tool of 35 years standing and makes your work easier as online interpretations are available instantaneously.

In conclusion

Visit Peter J. Burns III Youtube videos at to understand how multi-faceted the serial entrepreneur is.  He has about a hundred niche enterprises to his credit.  His ideas are basically simple everyday life ideas channeled into revenue generating projects which he has grown through his own creativity and networking skills.  Also, visit to view his portfolio.

Posted on March 17, 2018 .