Peter J. Burns III offers you Luxury at a Competitive Price!


Have you ever stopped to consider how much you actually spend on your five-star hotel accommodation?  Does it sync with the rate the booking clerk gave you on your initial inquiry or has the actual expense nearly doubled?

Luxury villas Vis a Vis five star hotel stay

When you check out of your luxury 5-star hotel and take a good look at the bill, you will realize that all those little ancillaries who you took for granted have actually been billed. There is an entry, which says “Resort Fees”, another for “Parking fees” whether you parked a car or did not, “Mini Bar charges” etc. Peter J. Burns III is here to offer you an unparalleled luxury holiday in a luxury villa, for far less this cost, and with far more benefits.  Here is how it works.

Peter J. Burns III has rented out multi-million dollar luxury villas at exotic locations on a time-share pattern.  If four or more persons hire out a luxury villa, the cost per head will be much lower than that raked up for stay at a 5-star luxury hotel.  The added advantages are that you have the ambiance of a home, a rambling 5 – 10 thousand square feet of carpet space.  Compare this to the most extensive suite in a five-star hotel and judge for yourself, where the advantage lies.

You have at your disposal personal staff to attend to your needs and among the best chefs to cater to your requirement for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  There is no need to go down to the restaurant or ring for room service each time to place your order for your food.  Instructions can be given according to your convenience.

You have your privacy at the pool and on the sports courts. Absolutely no jostling around in a pool, with half a dozen or more strangers.  At any time of day, you and your family can avail of the sporting facilities at the luxury villa. 

Above all, these luxury villas are located, in residential areas, away from the traffic and chaos of downtown life. A holiday at any of these locations will afford you the ultimate in luxury and an incomparable experience.  Get in touch with Peter J. Burns III at or visit for more details.


Good news for Incentive group Travel Agents

Those looking to offering incentive group travel to their beneficiaries, or Corporates looking to conduct team-building workshops for the upper echelon, the luxury villas would be the ideal choice.  With online direct bookings gaining over agency bookings, airlines and hotels have drastically reduced the agents’ commission.  Peter J. Burns III, thanks to the business methodology he adopts, is in a position to offer agents a sizable higher incentive.  In addition to the benefits mentioned earlier, the luxury villas offer the added advantage and ambiance for team building exercises as all the participants can be lodged together under one roof. Learn more about this exciting and competitive opportunity at

Posted on March 17, 2018 .