Peter J. Burns III: Never Gave Up on His Dream to be An Entrepreneur

Most entrepreneurs struggle when they first start out their first business. And most times, the first business endeavor does not succeed. This did not discourage Peter J Burns, III from still pursuing his dreams of being an entrepreneur. Instead, at the young age of 19, Burns boldly started his first official business renting mopeds to tourist, and would not take no for an answer. For this reason, he did not let the fight with the City of Nantucket get in the way of his dreams. He was able to not only see his business grow significantly in the first year, but also so it expand into multiple cities and continued for more than two decades. It was this experience that resulted in him wanting to also give other young entrepreneurs the opportunity to learn how to capitalize on their own business dreams.

Creating His Own Niche

Many entrepreneurs look for a specific niche market to enter into. For Peter J Burns, III, this meant at times entirely creating the market for his business to thrive. Whether he was a young child selling lemonade on the golf course, or renting mopeds, Peter was not afraid of creating a market for himself. His tourist business, renting mopeds, was the very first in the country and was made possible by the ability to import them from Austria. The result was not only the success of this service to tourist but also a number of different rental services as well. It was so successful, that Burns was able to take the same concept to nearly 100 cities, where the business excelled for over twenty years. Other opportunities Burns was able to capitalize on was the creation of the Insertazine format, which is used in the publishing of a number of magazines, as well as the creation of the very first email marketing firm.

Expanding the Entrepreneur Network

Prior to his success, there was a limited number of professional networks for entrepreneurs. Peter J Burns, III recognized the importance of networking with others, and created the Club Entrepreneur, which was the first ever resource center designed specifically for entrepreneurs. Burns also invested in your entrepreneurs at Grand Canyon University and Arizona State University, where he was able to provide similar opportunities for potential young business owners as he had when he was first starting out.

Peter Burns Today

Despite his success in business and a number of opportunities and recognition in the area of business, Peter has not given up on pursuing his dream to be an entrepreneur. After more than twenty years, he is no longer in the moped business. Currently, Peter J Burns, III owns his own luxury consulting business, designed to meet the needs of those looking for luxury vacation homes and villas. Peter has never given up on his dreams, and continued to embrace opportunities head on. For this reason, like his first business of renting mopeds, he has had so much success he is looking to expand further to include luxury planes and boats.

Posted on March 17, 2018 .