Peter J. Burns III: Luxury Begets Luxury

Peter J. Burns III is a name to be reckoned with among entrepreneurs.  He has kick-started umpteen number of business ventures in various niches. Here we will deal with his foray into the luxury villa business.  

The affluent 1%

The affluent and the luxury traveler constitute a microscopic percentage of the world’s population.  But the revenue generated from their spending power is a sizeable portion.  So if you do the math … with lower involvement, you generate greater profits. Yes, that's exactly what Peter J. Burns decided to capitalize upon.  Luxury villas at exotic destinations, in picturesque locations, remain unoccupied for the greater part of the year.  Peter J Burns III saw great monetary potential in this situation.  He decided to arrange to have these luxury villas rented out to luxury travelers which proved to be a win-win situation for all concerned.  Confining the luxury villas to the elitist travelers ensures proper upkeep of the premises. The villas earned income for the owner and Peter, all the year round and the luxury traveler got an opportunity to enjoy a fantastic holiday in amazing ambiance.

Marketing luxury products

If you think the optimum utilization was a brilliant idea, there’s more coming.  True to his business acumen, Peter J. Burns III saw further business opportunity in the luxury villas.  He realized that the market for luxury goods lay in the crux of his new venture.  High-end luxury bed and bath linen, Classic crystal ware from the finest markets across the globe, heritage wines and spirits, the lists are endless … all these products have a market in the luxury traveler frequenting the luxury villas.  While the manufacturers of these up-market products spend great sums on marketing and advertising, without knowing if it is reaching the target audience, Peter has wisely struck a deal with these manufacturers to display and market their goods on competitive economies.  He, therefore, enjoys free display space, has the right market up his aisle and his chances of concluding a deal are high. Only someone with Peter’s wide angle vision would think of turning a situation into an opportunity.


Diverse employment opportunities

Peter J. Burn ideas have a ripple effect of benefit for all around.  Each new venture calls for employment opportunities for varied skills.  Most common among them being

·             creative graphic artists

·             web designers

·             professional content or copy writers, SEO campaigners

·             research analysts

·             business planners

·             lead generation experts

·             professional sales team

·             executive assistants to respond to email queries

·             social media handlers

·             project managers to ensure seamless execution from inception to conclusion


Peter prefers fellow entrepreneurs to take up these different verticals and manage them, rather than directly employing individuals.  Enterprise being his life blood, he thinks and acts with an entrepreneurial spirit at all times. While salary is an option for the workforce, he would prefer to work on a profit-sharing basis.  To the enterprising individual, this is an opportunity to grow his net worth, to those with no appetite for risk, it may not sound encouraging.

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Posted on March 17, 2018 .