Peter J. Burns III: Entrepreneur Without Boundaries


What is that essential factor for success? Can you pin it down to one sole ingredient or is it an amalgamation of many potent factors.  Let us look at the amazing accomplishments of Peter J. Burns III to understand what it is that sees him at the pinnacle of entrepreneurial success. 

What keeps Peter Burns ticking?

Think local, act globally is what triggered Peter J. Burns III winning streak in his entrepreneurial sojourn.  Starting at the young age of 19, he began by importing mopeds from Austria for vacationing tourists in Nantucket Island. This simple summer job netted him big bucks - $ 55,000/- in the mere space of 10 weeks. Peter realized the potential in being at the right place at the right time with the right idea and soon took this pioneering business to Sanibel Island, Florida for the winter business. Innovation is the name of the game. Peter Burns adapted to the season and rented out equipment that was in demand across markets in Maui, St Kitts, Boothbay Harbor, and Key West. His rental equipment varied from moderately priced roller blades to sophisticated jet skis, everyday mopeds to signature Harley Davidson bikes for the motoring aficionados - in short Peter was there with the requisite equipment for the every tourist, satisfying the need of the hour and at the same his own till kept clinking.

Tapping the niche markets

Endowed with rare business acumen and foresight, Peter J. Burns III saw monetary opportunity in the rarest of avenues.  In the 90s, he realized that there was much-unutilized potential in the Luxury Villa segment.  For the greater part of the year, they remain unoccupied; Peter realized that they could be rented out to a niche market with exclusive membership.  The rules of membership ensure that only a niche audience has access to the club and therefore these high-end luxury villas while yielding revenue all the year round do not suffer by poor maintenance or negligent occupants. True to his nature, Peter has successfully developed satellite business around this niche market, offering personalized tours, private air and water excursions in the vicinity.


Cross Marketing

Peter J. Burns III opts for cross-marketing to minimize business costs. He reaches out to dealers in luxury markets and offers exceptional commissions for closing a deal on the renting of the luxury villas.  Now if that isn’t smart thinking, tell me what is?

Worried about funding?

The first concern for any startup entrepreneur is generally funding, Peter J. Burns III puts an end to this worry for startup capital with the “Entrepreneurs Credit Card”.

For more details on how this works, visit

Charity begins at home

He is a successful entrepreneur who has started several businesses in his life but not without tapping on the benefits of donating to charity.  Peter is using his Patent Pending Charitable Fund Raising Tool to generate US tax refunds, which can be donated to a charity of your choice. For a clearer understanding visit

The Community Entrepreneur

There are clubs and communities of like-minded people, often started for networking reasons, but he is a true community entrepreneur and expertly leverages on the skills of the members to further their own business enterprises. The range of startup business initiated by Peter is too numerous to list here.  Having read this brief on Peter, you would be better informed if you visit for his multifarious businesses.

Posted on March 17, 2018 .