Peter J Burns III, Creating Opportunity Where None Exists


Does the title of this article seem paradoxical? Well, perhaps it should be rephrased to read "Creating Opportunity where none seemingly does not exist".  Yes, when all seems dark and dismal ‘Ask Peter’ to redeem the situation.

The Enterprising Entrepreneur

During a period of recession – and remember recessions are cyclic in nature – Peter J. Burns III has a word of advice for the distanced employee.  Now, the distanced employee is no more than a euphemism for the retrenched, out-of-work, laid off, fired employee.  An out-of-work employee is a desperate man and his desperation is greater if he has a family to feed, a mortgage to pay off, children to educate etc.  Peter’s advice to this man is to draw up a list of his assets and liabilities, see what liabilities can best be foreclosed, liquidate them and reckon how much credit he has left.  Sending out resumes after resume, applying for job after job according to Peter, is a futile game when the entire industry is in doldrums when there has been an economic upheaval and there are no more jobs.  Well then, what does one do? The answer is simple. Join a startup entrepreneur team, design your own business plan and if that is not possible, become your own entrepreneur.

Burn your boats

In order to stay ahead in troubled times, Peter J. Burns III recommends that you take a page out of the Vikings’ history book.  When they landed on new unconquered territory, they burned their boats.  They were then left with no option but to move forward since the return route no longer existed.  Apply this lesson to your life, move forward, do not deliberate or over think any situation. Plunge ahead and move on.

Commercial Properties

Peter J. Burns III is long sighted and is a visionary in the business world.  Thanks to his experience with numerous startup niche markets and his Club Entrepreneur collaborations, he can uncannily predict the state of things to come.  Long before the recession hit hard and commercial properties could go a-begging for occupants, Peter predicted they would and came up with a win-win solution for them.  He offered to rent out their spaces for his Club E activities at a nominal rate.  He got the premises at a competitive rate and the landlords received a steady rental income. 

Little ideas germinate big fruit

 Peter J. Burns III is fond of relating the story of how coffee was first discovered in Ethiopia by a goatherd. This chance discovery of coffee has since energized the entire world and re-invented itself in many varied avatars.  It spread from the Dark Continent to the exotic island of Hawaii, thanks to a friendship that blossomed between the rulers of the two countries.  The King of Ethiopia presented a Kona coffee bush to the Ruler of Hawaii. From this little bush planted in a corner of Hawaii, has grown the incredible Kona coffee which is world renowned today.  So it is with any business idea, from the humblest and least plausible of ideas, can sprout a giant business. 


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Posted on March 17, 2018 .