Peter J. Burns III: Burgeoning Businesses By The Day

Just as a pattern is created out of fragments and smithereens in a kaleidoscope, so too does Peter J. Burns III create order and symmetry from a whole host of seemingly disjointed ideas.  Peter is gifted with the ability to see a pattern in chaos and transform it into potential and eventually profit.

Altruistic and approachable

Cold clinical corporate surroundings are not exactly Peter's cup of tea, or should we say latte.  He believes in lowering his professional shield and meet fellow entrepreneurs in comfortable homely surroundings across a coffee table rather than in stilted boardrooms. Peter believe that effective commerce is born in a conducive setting, with transparency on both sides rather than in complicated commercial deals with distorted fine print.  His kind demeanor and transparency in approach easily put one at ease; his ability to see a pattern and connect the dots helps sprout the germ of an enterprise.  With over forty years of setting up varied business, Peter J. Burns III is the man to go to if you are looking to start a new enterprise.  No matter how bizarre the notion may appear to your immediate circle, Peter will truthfully let you know if the idea will germinate or be short-lived.

Identify your strength

Whether it is a billion dollar sci-fi movie with mouth dropping side effects, or multi-tab website providing hoards of information, or a luxury liner traversing the seven seas, remember one man did not engineer the entire task.  The end result is the product of several hours of individual effort, ultimately brought together as a unified whole by the joint genius of every team member.  This is why Peter J. Burns III advocates that each individual plays to his strength and like an orchestra, the final feat is awesome.

Consolidate your contacts

Peter J. Burns III looks beyond the obvious and builds ventures out of existing contacts and relationships.  Thanks to his wide network, he has been able to launch a travel site offering members never-heard-before discounts of up to 20% - 50% on hotel accommodation.  By virtue of this same network, he is also able to offer airline tickets at unbeatable prices.  Peter capitalizes on everyday opportunities, taps the potential available in Corporates, draws upon the market their huge workforce offers and gives them unbelievable deals.  In short, it is a win-win situation for all concerned. To retain standards and exclusivity, these groups are closed groups with exclusive membership and private access codes.  In the space of the first month of start up of this operation, Peter was able to make a booking of 5000 trips from 15 million members.  His team is confident of doubling the membership figure soon.  Yes, that's the kind of business and confidence that Peter exudes.

It is not often that one meets an entrepreneur of Peter’s caliber.  There are entrepreneurs around the world but not many who have kick-started so many businesses in the span of 4 decades.  Peter’s uncanny ability to identify opportunity and orchestra profitable businesses in short spans of time is highly commendable.

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Posted on March 17, 2018 .