Peter J. Burns III: An Entrepreneur Who Helps Businesses Grow


Peter J. Burns III is not only a serial entrepreneur, but he is also a teacher with a lot of experience at his fingertips. His unique journey into entrepreneurship is something you would say started since childhood, when he turned his school project’s business plan into a productive business. However, Burns does not stop there; he takes time out of his incredibly busy schedule to share some of his knowledge with many fledgling entrepreneurs. Below are some ways he does that.

Club E

Through Club Entrepreneur, Peter J. Burns III created an environment where many like-minded entrepreneurs are encouraged to share and actualize their ideas, collaborate through professional consultations and insightful educational opportunities, and grow to realize their full potential. There are subsidiaries like Club E Exchange; a barter network which enables business owners to manage their inventory more effectively while exploring new avenue through a non-cash revenue exchange of products or services. There is also a Club E venture which structures formal joint venture opportunities in a systematic process to analyze and establish them efficiently. Club E has, since establishment, grown to have over 7000 members nationwide.

College of Entrepreneurship

Peter J. Burns III founded the first accredited college of entrepreneurship at Grand Canyon University and he is also Dean at Andrew Jackson University, another fully accredited, online school that has both bachelors and master’s degree programs with avariety of tuition waiving opportunities.


On his LinkedIn page, Peter J. Burns III inspires many aspiring entrepreneurs with insightful and thought-provoking posts, geared at stimulating an entrepreneurial spirit and motivation. He also shares tips and helpful articles on how young business owners can run productive business ventures. Furthermore, Burns is a man who believes in charity and takes the effort to share links to many helpful causes that need a donation. The link below is his LinkedIn Page


Much like his LinkedIn profile, his YouTube page is replete with many insightful videos in different categories such as Latest information on his business ventures, an entrepreneurial advice column, his views on current events and how they shape the entrepreneurial market, Club Entrepreneurship updates, and so much more. His experiences are also highlighted such as the most bizarre business venture he’d ever seen in Ethiopia. Here is his YouTube page

Outreach and Volunteerism

Peter J. Burns III lends his expertise across the globe. He recently volunteered as an Entrepreneur-in-residence with an International Nongovernmental Organization with outreach missions in Ethiopia. Through these programs, Burns reinforces his identity as an “Expatreprenuer” (expatriate + entrepreneur) as he helps young businesses grow, identifies cracks and loopholes that may cause problems in the future, and helps young entrepreneurs explore new markets.

Peter J. Burns III is a dynamic entrepreneur, or in his case, an “expatrepreneur” who is willing and eager to share his diverse expertise with like-minded individuals. Links to his domains above provide more details. He also has a website which gives a full picture of his experiences and some lessons that can be learned from them.

Posted on March 17, 2018 .