Peter J. Burns III: An Entrepreneur Since Young


Peter J. Burns, III was born in Rumson, New Jersey, before his family relocated to Chicago, Illinois. There he attended a private school, where he remembers being an entrepreneur from the time he was a young child. Peter was always looking for ways to take something he had and turn it into something more. One of Peter’s first memories of his own business venture was selling lemonade next to a water hazard at the local country club. While the golfers found it amusing, the country club owners did not, and asked Peter to close up shop. But that did not discourage Peter. Instead, he began looking for the next entrepreneurial opportunity.

The U. S. Army Opened Doors

While still a minor, Peter J. Burns, III drug his dad with him to enlist in a 4-year commitment to the U. S. Army in Norwalk, Connecticut. Peter then spent the next four months in training at Ft. Polk, Louisiana. Peter began his infantry training during the Vietnam War era. Because his Army entrance exam scores were in the top tier, he was later notified that he was awarded an appointment to West Point Academy. And then went on to win a complete 4 year ROTC scholarship, and elected to attend the University of Virginia McIntire School Of Commerce. Peter then later went on to pursue further education at Harvard Business School in the Owners and Presidents Management Program.

Renting Mopeds

As a result of attending a business course on entrepreneurship, Peter J. Burns, III began to develop a business model of renting mopeds to local tourist. Peter decided to take his business plan to Sherburne Associates, where he made an agreement to rent a lot for $500 a month during the summer months. Once again Peter’s entrepreneurial spirit and refusal to give up proved to be well worth it. While there were a number of different hiccups along the way, Peter never gave up and saw his business quickly take off, until having to deal with the City of Nantucket, which he still managed to navigate with wisdom well beyond his young age of 19. Nor did it keep it from expanding his business during the winter months and continued on for twenty years.

Experience Turned Teaching

Peter J. Burns, III was able to take his own experiences and turn it into an opportunity to teach other aspiring entrepreneurs to start their own business endeavors. Some of his teaching experience includes spearheading courses at Arizona State University and Grand Canyon University. The goal of these courses was to provide students with the same opportunity Peter was given to create their own businesses. As a result of his first course at ASU, all of the students who were enrolled in the class developed viable business plans, and shortly after completion of the course three of the business plans were even being used to pursue funding for the students to pursue their entrepreneurial dream, and one of which was already fully funded and beginning to be put into place.

Posted on March 17, 2018 .