Peter J. Burns III: Unintended Consequences (Positive) From A Disruptive Technology


We have all heard about this...the Post It being created from a failed 3M effort in creating a super-strong adhesive, the microwave oven...invented from a scientist fiddling with a microwave-emitting magnetron and even Play-Doh...born from a paste to clean filthy wallpaper...all successful consumer products born "by accident."

Well, I am now in the middle of "marketing and monetizing" a Utility Token (, as a unique payment method for the travel industry...the first and only such Token in the world. By successfully bringing in an extensive travel booking engine platform to my Vietnamese partners and facilitating the acceptance of that Platform in using the "Travel Token" as a new method of payment for those travel services offered....I quickly realized the far-reaching uses of this unique payment offering.

This "Travel Token" has many as-of-yet unheard of properties in the "Wild West" of crypto. For instance, every "Travel Token" sold (offering price of $.10) is fully secured for the purchase price remitted in a secured escrow account, used to make immediate settlement (with the booking engine provider) of the travel purchased with the "Travel Token," when presented. Each "Travel Token" is immediately redeemable in the equivalent value of highy discounted (20%-70% of best Net rates) travel options at 1 million hotels around the world, airfare, cruises and auto rentals. The current nature of the crypto world is to "sell a dream, " with no substance backing up that dream. However, our "Travel Token" has a definable and secured value for every Token sold...period. In 2-3 months time, the Company's own Exchange will be functional, allowing the unused Tokens to be redeemed for fiat (cash) or even into other select cryptocurrencies like the current price (never less than bought for) of the Token's value.

Therein lies the "spark of innovation," that I alluded to in the opening paragraph...our "Travel Token" can well be successfully utilized in many more interesting ways. The benefits of a merchant accepting our Token are multi-fold: onerous "merchant fees" eliminated, immediate settlement, no "chargebacks"-ever and a full Blockchain accounting of each transaction. What does this mean to other uses? Well, let's take the Cannabis industry...

Here you have a "cash only" ecosystem that prevents dispensaries and growers from accepting anything but cash from their clients because our Federal Government prohibits the use of any banking for the Cannabis business. Likewise, VISA and MASTERCARD prohibit the use of their credit card platforms for processing Cannabis transactions. Certainly, one has heard of a handful of small Community Banks and Credit Unions trepiditiously venturing into accepting Cannabis-related bank accounts but these are few and far between and subject to losing their charter any time the Feds deem it so. Likewise, certain Cannabis purveyors play the "Artful Dodger" with VISA and MASTERCHARGE claiming that their merchant accounts are "florists" or other acceptable SIC Codes in an effort to circumvent the giant processessors' requirements. However, upon discovery (which always happens) the Cannibis company risks being TMF'd by their bank and of course, VISA/MASTERCARD for up to 10 years and even "visited" by Homeland Security as a "money launderer" and possibly jailed. Worth the risk? Certainly not. (

Well, one of the "unintended consequences" of introducing our "Travel Token" and state of the art technology with fully compliant (KYC) eWallets and a streamlined process of instantaneous processing and "cash conversion" makes us an ideal solution for the Cannabis industry...merchant and client alike.

One can acquire our eWallet (for free) and purchase our Tokens via any payment methodology (credit card, bank wire, etc) and then transfer these Tokens as payment to the eWallet of their favorite dispensary or grower (in case of sale between grower and dispensary) for an instaneous transaction. The dispensary receives full payment, sans merchant fees (save for a modest .5% transaction fee), there is no chance of a chargeback, settlement is instaneous when converting to fiat (or other cryoto) on the Exchange and best is fully compliant with the law and 100% transparent because of the Blockchain.

In a series of ensuing blogs, I am going to explore all of the interesting uses of our unique "Travel Token" as one of the most innovative payment gateways on the market today. Reach me at with your questions and suggestions of how we might collaborate.

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Posted on September 24, 2018 .