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PJB III From The Beach

As Peter J. Burns III is prone to do (according to his Kolbe Index) Peter is uber fast in recognizing seemingly unrelated opportunities, quickly assimilating the (even limited) information available and making a decision to proceed to "proof of concept." One such "connect the dots" scenario has been mulling in his subconscious for a couple of weeks now and only this morning did Peter hopefully find the "glue" to put a working model together.

As he has shared in prior blogs, like many of you on Linked In, Peter J. Burns III is inundated with so-called "Experts" all promising to deliver targeted leads for his business to and monetize. Each offer has a price tag, often up front and with no guarantees. To date, not one company offers to be "success fee-based" so there is no readily dicernible ROI.

Lately, Peter has been exploring outsourced sales organizations, who for a negotiated commission, would "close" leads for one's business. These sales outfits are far and few between and seem most interested in "high-ticket" products and services to make their efforts worthwhile.

Peter's "connect the dots" innovation is to combine the two services...the with the sales efforts of a seasoned outsourced outfit. In a perfect world, this combined effort would be entirely "success fee-based." The trick would be to find these complementary services and convince them to work together and for him. Once located, Peter has his own portfolio of suitable businesses to beta-test his concept and build the path to scaleability.

Only today, that may well have manifested by way of a Linked In request to Peter to connect with a young man who happened to be a "High Ticket" Closer, located in the Netherlands. Despite the 10 hour time difference, Peter and the young man had an invigorating Zoom Call for over an hour this morning. Based upon his initial "read," this young man's enthusiasm and apparent skill sets will allow them to work together to prove Peter's new model. The young man and his Team of "closers" actually have developed lead generation resources and are apparently willing to work certain projects on a performance-based scenario. As long as their lead generation resource delivers targeted leads for Peter's select projects and his Team can close sales, all on a "success fee" basis...each of Peter J. Burns III's proven companies will benefit from increased cash flow and his new friend from the Netherlands will have a steady flow of opportunities from Peter. :)

The two left the Zoom call with the young man agreeing to review Peter's material on his website, and the blogs he's written on Linked In. The young man will be studying the following ventures to determine which projects are of the highest to his Team as a start: (Engineering Marketing Company of little known cost segregation studies) (Unsecured up to $175k interest free for up to 2 years) (State-of-the-art and credit enhancement services)

www. (CUG (Closed User Group) acquisition for world travel with 1 million 20%-60% off best Net prices) (World's first and only Utility Token fashioned as the Travel Token for access to our 1 million strong booking engine)

www. ( and coverage offerings for cryptocurrency mining machines and facilities) (Only online service authorized (By Government of Vietnam) as a VISA provider for travelers to Vietnam)

After Peter's new friend and his Team consider the opportunities above, they will reconvene on a Zoom call to strategize the next steps to proving the model. There are so many companies out there searching for business. After proving Peter's concept with beta-testing his own companies using this young man's talents and resources...they can reach out to select providers to combine services for everyone's benefit.

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Posted on December 2, 2018 .