Peter J. Burns III: Sometimes I Have to Admit...Being An Entrepreneur Has NOT Been The Easiest Path...And Then I Wake Up!


I met the fella in the picture above who actually invented the ear plug. I was living in Santa Monica and mutual friends brought me to meet this gentleman who owned the yacht and helicopter. The guy REALLY enjoyed his spoils and I sure had fun as his guest at Marina Del Ray's yacht basin. Now, so far I haven't yet hit the "Big Time" like this entrepreneur but it does not mean that I will stop trying nor that I won't achieve this for myself. The one thing I have always had and God willing always will freedom. Extreme monetary wealth will either hit for me or not but my freedom is a given since I owe no allegiance to any corporate employer...before, now or ever.

Recently, I was reminded of what I will never have...great corporate-generated wealth like my two younger brothers have. Granted, they worked for years to reach the stature each enjoys. The video below shares about my brother, Michael, who has successfully helped to steer the world's largest independent movie company into monumental success:

A media titan bets on his own stock, with Lionsgate's Michael Burns, CNBC's Melissa Lee and the Fast Money traders, Pete Najarian, Tim Seymour, Dan Nathan and Guy Adami.

I just couldn't do it like he operate within such a highly regulated environment as the Vice-Chairman of a NYSE company and to be at the mercy of so many Regulatory bodies and others (shareholders, Board members, stock analysts, financial reporters, et al.) No Thanks.

Of course, the perks of being a "Media Titan" are pretty impressive but...a hearty "No Thanks" and a sincere "Good Job, Little Brother" is offered to him, of course. I am proud of all of my siblings, even though we have taken very different paths in our work lives.

America truly is the "Land of Opportunity" and there is plenty of that to go around for us all. I, of course, advocate the self-empowerment of entrepreneurship and business ownership. However, whatever your is always better in America!

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Posted on November 7, 2018 .