Peter J. Burns III: "Of Which Much Is Given, Much Is Expected." - JFK

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As a privileged lifelong American Entrepreneur, I adhere to JFK's sentiments and my recent blog reflects that:

Now, at the "Twilight" of my career, indeed of my life...I have decided to put on the "Third Act" of my establishment of an entrepreneurial organization. The "First Act" was the "Young Entrepreneurs Organization" (YEO) in 1987, where I was one of its Original Members. ( The "Second Act" was Club Entrepreneur, a 10,000 member strong group starting in Phoenix ( in 2006. The "Third Act" (and likely the Final One) will be the "Women Entrepreneurs Organization" (WEO) in the process of formation in 2018.

I like to teach, to mentor and to help. My "entrepreneurial education" began in 1977 as a 1st year student at the University of Virginia's venerable McIntire School of Commerce, where my 4th Year "Entrepreneurship" class, launched my 1st (of an eventual 150) business on Nantucket, that following summer. Returning to "Guest Lecture" at that same class for ten years following, I caught the "teaching bug" and was thrilled to have my own entrepreneurship class as an Adjunct at Barrett Honors College at ASU in 2006. (see below)

That remarkable teaching experience was the impetus that launched the Country's first accredited College of Entrepreneurship in 2006-2007. (see below)

Now, in 2018, I have selected a demographic to assist in making its way down the path of self-empowerment and financial security in the challenging waters of entrepreneurship....through establishing the "Women Entrepreneurs Organization." I am gathering select young ladies like Miss Emily Crooke ( and Miss Sarah Gallo ( to assist me in this epic adventure. I have also reached out to a remarkable leader of women, Miss Stephanie Nickolich ( to ask her help to accelerate and guide in this worthy effort.

I bring to the table over 40 years of hard-won experience in the world of entrepreneurship. I know what works...and what does not and I will endeavor to guide, nurture and support those fledgling and established women entrepreneurs as best that I can. To assist, I will provide the lifeblood of all business...access to money. Through my "Entrepreneurs Credit Card," established in 2017, I will provide much needed start-up and growth debt capital to credit-qualified applicants. (see For those that need a credit "polishing" and boost before receiving my loan, I offer that at

Next, I can save a great deal of travel costs (hotels, airfare and even vacation villas) at (use my sign-in at Scooters4!) to each of our WOE membership. These savings will augment the working capital needs of each Women Entrepreneur.

Finally, (for now) I will offer the latest and greatest entry into the Cryptocurrency World, our very own Utility Token, which is the first Travel Coin in the World. Our Travel Coin provides tangible value for equivalent travel credits on our booking platform (with significant savings) as well as the upside of trading at higher values for Fiat and other Crypto at the launch of our own Exchange in 2-3 months hence. See below: hashtag

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My plans also call for a re-launch of my Institute for Entrepreneurship Curriculum providing relevant and proven entrepreneurial education for our Membership. Those courses played a key role in launching the College Of Entrepreneurship pioneered in 2007 and with some updating, should prove to be an invaluable teaching aid to our Women Entrepreneurs. The "Barrett Honors Entrepreneurship Program" (BHEP) will be resurrected, improved upon and offered to all of our Members.

So, if you are a woman entrepreneur (or want to be) please reach out to me at to join my "Last Hurrah" in the fascinating world of entrepreneurship!

Posted on September 2, 2018 .