Peter J. Burns III: My Own "Acres Of Diamonds" In My Linked In Connections

My Linked In contacts are diamonds

My Linked In contacts are diamonds

So...we've all heard Earl Nightingale's famous recounting of the "Acres of Diamonds."

Well, here I sit in beautiful Southern California only blocks from the mighty Pacific Ocean contemplating my next "(Ad)venture in Capitalism." This time, I am reminded of Earl Nightingale's true parable, "Acres of Diamonds" and I have decided that my own "diamond mine" is staring me right in the face. Today, I am going to start a concerted effort to reach out to my individual Linked In contacts (numbering over 12,000 and growing each day) one-by-one, citing possible collaborations involving any of the dozen current businesses that I have on my plate at any one time.

In my over 4 decades of entrepreneurial start-ups (with around 150 actual business launches of my own) I know a little about a lot of industries. In recounting my "history" with an author who writes for The Huffington Post and Forbes, we discovered together that some of my previous little start-ups actually "pioneered" no less than several very significant industries. He may well soon be writing that accounting in an article that may find its way into one those major publications that he contributes to.

In any case, I am about to embark on mining my own diamonds in the form of doing individual reachouts to as many of my Linked In contacts as possible, starting to dialogue with them on possible collaborations and offering any help for them that my vast network and experience may provide.

At the very least, I may make some great new friends. However, knowing my Linked In history of having launched at least three excellent business partnerships (The Entrepreneur Credit Card (, Avia Travel Services ( and the Hi-Tek Travel Token ( from direct Linked In contacts....the sky is truly the limit.

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Posted on November 10, 2018 .