Peter J. Burns III: Gratitude


In the frantic pace of what we call "life," we often skip right over giving thanks for what we are blessed with already having... while continuing the "race" of relentless pursuit for we do not yet have.

I walk the beach in my new home town every day. Just watching the waves rolling in and out is so soothing and invigorating at the same time. During my walks I mentally stroll down the list of the blessings I've been given...(as undeserving as I may be) and silently give thanks to my Maker.

As a lifelong Entrepreneur, I've experienced both the joys of hard-won plans coming together and the gut-wrenching despair of failure from deals that blew up...whether through my own fault or due to circumstances beyond my control. The truth is that those "failures" are simply the "tuition" we Entrepreneurs all must pay and one must simply push oneself up off the ground and have yet another go at making things work out better on the next venture.

I, for one, give thanks for living in a country where entrepreneurship is our divine right and self-direction is always available to those of us that are loathe to be part of the "Cubicle Nation of Worker Bees."

Expressing gratitude can be for something as often overlooked as the fresh air we breath, the clear blue skies and the "just right" temperature we enjoy literally every day here in Southern California. Now, while we all cannot live where most of us would only vacation...wherever one now lives has its good points and we must be thankful for every blessing.

Our health is taken for granted by most of us until we lose it...whether catching a simple yet annoying cold or being felled with something far more serious. Every day that we have our good health is something each of us must be grateful for because it can be taken away from us with the blink of an eye.

Finally, one can never forget to practice the art of gratitude for our families and friends that really care for us and we for them. Without others that are close to us in our daily lives...we merely exist and do not actually live our lives.

Posted on March 26, 2017 .