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When your enemies are swarming from all sides...

Maybe you are old enough to remember the Highlander with the immortal mantra.."There can be only One." Well, after being in the trenches as well as at the top of the foodchain over the last 4 decades of entrepreneurship, that video above as well as the Highlander'sprophetic words ring very true.

The "Art of Business" is very much like Sun Sui's "Art of War" in my experience because business is often a "Zero Sum Game." However, in my Twilight Years now as an "Elder Statesman of Entrepreneurship," I've found great joy (and even profit) in simply GivingBack.

I grew up back East (New Canaan, Nantucket and Sanibel Island) coming to the West, first Arizona and then to Southern California, where I reside. After a stint in "Entrepreneurship Education" some dozen years ago, first teaching "Ready, Fire, Aim," my own brand of real-life entreprenurship as an Adjunct at ASU's Barret Honors College, I ended up founding the first College of Entrepreneurship at Grand Canyon University. Now, years later, I have the chance to make my mark again with the vast entrepreneurial movement at San Diego State University. I recently had the pleasure of meeting with two recent grads of the Lavin Entrepreneurship Center, courtesy of my new friend, the former students' esteemed professor and mentor.

That coffee meeting was nothing les than extraordinary and the energy and exhuberance of two young start-up "wannapreneurs" kicked off why I became an entrepreneur myself at the age of 19. The opportunity to review the actual business the two young men started from a class taught by my friend at SDSU paralleled my own experience of starting my first business after taking that "Entrepreneurship" course at UVa.'s McIntire School of Commerce in 1976-77. Acting now as a sort of "Entrepreneur-In-Residence" to mentor and support a pipeline of student-entrepreneurs is something I can really embrace... giving back my hard-won experience and mentoring young entrepreneurs to be able to dodge the pitfalls and embrace my resources for the highest degree of entrepreneurial success.

As I said at our coffee meeting only days ago..."I wish I had had me when I was starting out as a mere teenage entrepreneur!" Well, I can be be here now for these two young entrepreneurs-to-be as well as many others in the pipeline and that will become my legacy.

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Posted on December 17, 2018 .