Peter J. Burns III - The Smartest Guy In The Room


Peter J. Burns III-The Smartest Guy In The Room

There are many different types of "smart" and Peter J. Burns III's particular type of "smart" is how to put deals together to start new businesses. At the tender age of 7, while following his dad arond the golf course, he noticed how many golfers hit their balls into the ponds trying to get to the green and never bothered to retrieve their balls...even if they were easily reachable from the shore.

He came back after the round to one of the water holes, after retrieving his rubber wading boots plus a fold up table and lemonade supplies and set up shop. When a duffer splashed his golf ball into the pond, Peter J. Burns III waded into the water retrieving the golf ball, selling it back to the duffer and a cup of lemonade to boot. The $50 he made that day (before the Club asked his father to remove him) made a lasting impression on this young entrepreneur's psyche and he spent the rest of his career putting new ventures together to make a profit. Many other early ventures are recounted on his Linked In blog:

Peter's "gift" of recognizing commercial opportunities and then acting upon them has been a recoccuring theme of his decades long adventures in entrepreneurship. He has literally started between 100-150 new business ventures during his career, "officially" beginning with bringing mopeds to the US from Europe and renting them starting on Nantucket Island as a college freshman for his required business plan in an "Entrepreneurship" class. The idea of renting mopeds came to him as he traversed the University of Virgina campus on his second hand motor scooter, which was licensed as a small motor cycle. The Federal Law changed on moped designations allowing individual States to regulate their use while at UVA. When States allowed individuals with an auto drivers license to ride a motorized bicylcle without having to have a motorcycle license, tags and insurance like before...Burns jumped on the rental business opportunity and made millions in an eventual 100 locations around the US and Caribbean.

See examples of many of these business launches on his Linked In profile:

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Posted on November 23, 2018 .