Peter J. Burns III: You Only Eat What You Kill


If you Linked In readers are like receive dozens of unsolicited "offers" to service your businesses each day from vendors seeking to generate leads and appointments, build or maximize your websites with SEO-induced traffic, increase your sales....blah, blah, blah.

Each vendor has "The Solution" to what you need. Each offers "The Best Price," yada, yada, yada. I get it, each of our ventures needs the help to improve. I am a prime example of that needing everything. I'm a start-up entrepreneur and have no less than 4-6 start-ups "in play" at any one time. Here is the rub...who do you go to and at what price point and where is the ROI????

The answer one knows until you dive in knee deep and too often come to the realization that you picked the wrong horse and paid through the nose to find that out. So...what you do is simply ignore and erase each plaintive reach out from potential vendors and go about your business.

So today, I decided to try another tactic...have the vendors "put their money where their mouth is." That is...if they offer their "special" level of expertise, prepare a scope of work with deliverables at a stated price point and timeline and....don't get paid until and when their proven ROI to the client, me, is exactly what was promised and it is proven out. No more guessing which vendor is real and performs. No more drain of cash flow for untried and untested performance. A simple exchange of my money for their proven deliverable with a ROI that is worth the price is what I demand.

Too much to ask, you may say? Well, judging by the deluge of vendor approaches to me, each and every day, I am betting some of these vendors believe that what they are trying to sell, merits my paying them and they may well be willing to prove it.

The challenge is there all you vendors...sell me that you have what I need. I have multiple start-ups in multiple fields. All need pitch me your offers and prove your deliverable works and has the ROI I insist upon. have a client with nearly unlimited future business from both myself and my thousands of fellow entrepreneurs that I will refer you to.

Reach out to me at, if you believe as I do..."You Only Eat What You Kill."

Posted on January 26, 2018 .