Peter J. Burns III: What Being An Entrepreneur Means To Me


I was wandering around the Village of La Jolla, my newly adopted home, over the weekend and reflected upon my far. As I strolled along the shoreline and listened to the crashing waves as I stared out over the magnificent Pacific Ocean, I breathed in the salt air and felt such peace. That evening, I strolled through the Village, stopping to look at some of the charming little bistros and storefronts that abound in this very special place. Again, I sighed with happiness at just being here.

As I write this blog, I'm sitting at an outdoor cafe by the fire pit, sipping my latte and just enjoying being able to do my "work" in 70 degree weather...all year round. Honestly, how does it get better than this?

Quite by chance, I came to the West Coast from my summer domiciles in New Hampshire and the Hamptons about a year and a half ago now. I was invited to discuss a collaboration of my newly started luxury villa business ( with the founder of the 4th largest airline ticketing business in the world. This gentleman's business was headquartered in San Diego and he lived here in La Jolla. As our getting to know (and enjoy) each other and negotiations expanded, the time flew by and I made the decision to just stay.

That decision was propitious as the original collaboration expanded into a thriving travel business ( together, as well as a number of other start-up ventures in as many unrelated verticals that came to mind:,, and more. The common denominator was that each venture resulted in what I consider to be the single greatest component of being an entrepreneur...the freedom to create and enjoy the fruits of one's labor. that holy premise of what it means to be an American is also the mantra of every single one of us striving for the self-determination of creating one's own future. Only in America do we all enjoy the unrestricted opportunity to envision, create and expand our dreams of business ownership. We can fail and indeed I have...many times, to create something and make it work towards the fruition of profitability. It is our God-given right to swing for the fences and to make our own future.

In this holiday season, as we all (should) count our blessings and give thanks for our families and health...I acknowledge the privilege of being an American Entrepreneur...continuing strong from my launching my first "official" enterprise...over 40 years ago! God bless you all and God bless America...and of course, its Entrepreneurs!

Posted on January 26, 2018 .