Peter J. Burns III: We Are Off To The (Cannabis) Races!


Last Thursday, October 19th, my new company, Cannabiz Insiders ( hosted a group of 30 diverse individuals interested in learning about the powerful new (and only) banking solution in the Cannabis industry. Eleven beautiful and smart young ladies that I had recruited to represent the banking product to (legal) Cannabis dispensaries and growers here in California were joined by the banking group down from Denver and assorted guests (business partners, investors et al) at The Lot ( in the Village of La Jolla for a marathon education and delicious luncheon.

Here are a couple of videos shot by the lovely and talented Chanell Nager ( of the event.

If you follow my blogs on Linked In, you will see that it has only been approximately 6 weeks since the "Cannabis Banking" opportunity was brought to me. As I am prone to do, I quickly analyzed the info I could on the subject, decided there was indeed a staggering opportunity to enter into the booming Cannabis Industry through the peripheral and "untouched" legal banking and merchant processing element...and dove in!

After 42 years of start-up business experience, I know a lot of people and these blogs get a lot of traction. In this short timeframe as a "Cannabis Banker," our little start-up, Cannabiz Insiders ( has no less than 7,000 dispensaries, growers and ancillary Cannabis-related businesses that will now become our banking clients. In light of the act that the State of California intends to start issuing 11,500 new Cannabis dispensary and growing licenses...we have a multi-billion "cash-only" (for now) client list to offer the ONLY LEGAL BANKING SOLUTION IN THE CANNABIS INDUSTRY TODAY!

In 2005, I read the Bestselling book, Blue Ocean Strategy, which developed the marketing theory taken from 100 years of studying thirty industries. The authors successfully argued that companies can succeed exponentially by creating "blue oceans" of uncontested market space, as opposed to "red oceans" where competitors fight for dominance. It is my firm belief that I managed to stumble into and now am firmly entrenched in the "Blue Ocean" world of "Cannabis Banking."

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Posted on January 26, 2018 .