Peter J. Burns III: Travel.VN Opens In Vietnam 1/12/18


In a recent blog, I spoke of the transition from a chance meeting to the anticipated launch of a sweeping joint venture between our newly formed travel enterprise ( and our Vietnamese friends. See link below:

This past weekend that entrepreneurial dream manifested into the actual launch of Travel.VN and its sister sites. 100 VIPs attended the launch party of the new travel vertical and according to our partners there, it was a resounding success.

Television coverage link:

From 17'30"

A great deal of hard work went into this effort with the collaboration of my Team members and partners in Avia who strived to meld the American technology of an unparalleled booking engine and the assets of nearly 1 million hotels and worldwide airfare with the extensive working relationship of our friends at .VN and their nearly 20 year relationship with the Government of Vietnam.

Now...the really hard work begins in marketing this extraordinary effort to provide a "one-stop shop" for all travel resources offered at extensive discounts (30%-70% off the best Net rate for hotels) to people traveling to and from the beautiful country of Vietnam. However, with the exclusive rights providing the only Online VISA to Vietnam (granted to .VN by the Government) and an audience of 100 million Vietnamese (average age 27) being offered our Government-encouraged travel options...the future looks very bright.

Posted on January 26, 2018 .