Peter J. Burns III: The Millennial Start-Up Project


Combining several components from a myriad of my current ventures, I've now embarked on changing the life course of certain "Millennials" who are floundering in the job market and while also burdened with crushing student debt.

My mantra for enunciating this Project is..."Hire Yourself...and we will lend you the money to do so." The first component is changing the mindset of the would-be employee seeking to become a "wage slave," which is key. The process is outlined in my blog:

The next key component for all start-ups is seed funding and guess what (?) that is exactly what we have to offer :

When you combine our "idea bank" of new start-ups, access to both the industry experts to guide the new venture and access to start-up capital...all we are missing is the qualified "Millennial" who wants to change their life...with our help. This being said...I am putting this offer out there to all you "20 Something" job seekers to consider my offer to put you into a business of your own and to "Hire Yourself." I have been doing this for myself for over 4 decades and now, I am willing to do it for select "Millennials."

I live in La Jolla after emigrating from back East in the Hamptons. Recently, a story in a local San Diego newspaper stated that 10,000 new graduates of a local university hit the street and over half (5,000!) were unemployed. Who knows what the other 5,000 newly minted graduates accepted as an entry-level job. What was even more distressing to learn was the fact that the average graduate was already in debt to the tune of up to $50,000 or more in educational loans. How can a fresh-faced university grad overcome those odds out, right of the gate?

Well, one of the solutions may well be found in my own offer stated in this blog. Let me (and my roster of experts) assist in a start-up that not only employs the "Millennial" we choose to work with but gives them a stake in the enterprise too. I think it is definitely worth the consideration, don't you?

All you Linked In readers...please pass along my unique offering to the "Millennials" you certainly may know and who are in search of a better opportunity.

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Posted on January 26, 2018 .