Peter J. Burns III: "The Millennial Angels Project"


From Blog to first Project in the "Millennial Start-Up Program" begins. Below is the note I just sent to my first 4 participants. Wish them luck!

Good morning,

As an implementation of the blog (see link below) I recently wrote regarding assisting Millennials to become self-empowered through launching their own venture (with a little help), with the brilliant efforts of our friend Andrea Albright ( ...we are launching the "Millennial Angels Project."

There are four of you lovely young women that I have selected. 

Faith, (former model, now high level introductions and soon to be a Reality TV Show creator)

Chelsea (United Airlines Stewardess, World Travel and Extreme Sports Enthusiast)

Danielle (Fitness Model, Instagram Celebrity)

Laura (Accomplished Hip Hop singer)

Each of you are my friends and it is my intention to establish business ventures with each of you. Hopefully, you will all achieve your dreams through my either lending money to each of you (that qualify) with my Entrepreneur Credit Card ( or putting in my own cash. I will be bringing all of my resources "to the party," such as providing the book writing and launch through Andrea Albright and the oversight and help of my experts Rob Tepper and Alastair Maccartney. 

Each deal with you is a separate negotiation with me. I will follow up with each of you to structure something that is fair for all.

It is my intention to use the success that I help you all to achieve as an example for other young ladies seeking to become self-empowered and financially independent. The eyes of your fellow Millennials will be upon you as role models. It is a big responsibility that will be both financially rewarding and a great way to "give back" to your generation.

Andrea's Program is attached. You have all spoken to her and she has agreed to write the book with you. Several of you have met with and/or spoken with my colleagues, Rob and Alastair. We will be preparing tasks for each of you to accomplish that are essential to each of your Projects. You have been chosen and I am investing my resources (money, time, experts) to help you. Please do your parts...which I know you will. :)

To introduce you to each other, since you really are a "Team" see the links below each of your names.





I am very excited to work with and help each of you.

Let's go make history..and a lot of money too!


Posted on January 26, 2018 .