Peter J. Burns: Start-Up Entrepreneur Offers Loans to Partner Up In His Ventures


As the headline suggests, I'm a Start-Up Entrepreneur with 150 business launches since the age of 19 as a college freshman. I live in La Jolla now and have 5-6 start-ups since I settled here. It is these start-ups, that are fully functional and cash flowing, that I wish to take in Operational Partners. The interesting part for you would-be entrepreneurs out there is that I will actually loan you the money to buy in...from one of my other start-ups in the lending business. Talk about vertical integration!

An earlier blog describes the various ventures in which I am willing to stake new Operational Partners:

We all should know what we are good at and what we enjoy doing. I'm just following my own advice from an earlier blog I wrote awhile ago, about about playing to your own "Genius."

Here's the deal...I have the attention span of a gnat. I love to invent and start new ventures, get them off the ground and move them past beta to actually being a real business. Then, I'm off to the next venture, often placing that start-up in the hands of my overworked staff. Only minimal capitalization and oversight is provided by me after I hand them off. I've decided that I'd like to change that and rather than adding new overhead, I will take on Operational Partners...and provide them the money to join me.

The money part is simple...last December my partner and I started the "Entrepreneur Credit Card," which provides up to $175k in very low-cost unsecured capital to individuals with good credit (700+ FICO) for business purposes. We loaned out millions since then and our Underwriter has placed well over $250 million in these unsecured loans in the past couple of years. See a little video of our offering:

The multiple businesses that I started are well thought out and functioning. They simply need an interested party with "skin in the game" to expand them and take them to the next level. If you are interested in my rather unique offering or can think of someone that might be....please reach out to me at

Posted on January 26, 2018 .