Peter J. Burns III: Shark Tank Dollars...Without Going On The Show


Shark Tank is a phenomenon that has brought the world of entrepreneurship into America's living room...5 nights a week on their televisions. From one who has personally been immersed in the worked of entrepreneurship for 4 decades and counting, I cannot be more pleased that the "red headed stepchild" of business (from the suits in "Corporate World"), Entrepreneurship, has reached the stature due of being the backbone of the American economy.

Read the stats from the Shark Tank show...

Now, read the reality of how small the number of the thousands of eager applicants the Show actually serves and what the average attendee actually receives in an equity injection...

Last year, 40,000 people applied; out of those, 180 made it on the show. Clearly, the competition is steep. $164k Average Shark Investment

Well, it recently dawned on me that my partner and I actually have the solution to all of the tens of thousands, perhaps millions of existing and start-up entrepreneurs out there that need the start-up capital to make their dream a reality.

Please listen to the radio show I did on our Entrepreneur Credit Card ( on August 4th and listen for yourself. The link to the recorded show and a video is below:


Here is the bottom line...all you Shark Tank wannabes...we have the money to loan you to start your equity dilution, no waiting to get on a show (Shark Tank) with odds rivaling being eaten by an actual shark. If you or a stand-in partner have a 700 FICO score, we can lend you up to $175,000 unsecured for 1-2 years interest free on a revolving line of credit to be used for anything. The bonus own your business 100%, no Sharks to eat you up.

Here's a simple video to check it out:

Questions? Reach out to me and I will send you to the Application Link. It takes only 30 seconds to learn if you're approved and for how much. Great luck, fellow entrepreneurs!

Posted on January 26, 2018 .