Peter J. Burns III: Luxury Is As Luxury Does...


In 1982, my new bride and I began our honeymoon in London, staying at the venerable Claridges (where Prime Minister Indira Ghandi and Barbara Streisand were both guests at the same time), we dined at the Connaught Grill, enjoyed the Royals' perpetual hangout, Annabels (courtesy of my wife's relative, Lord Linlithgow)  and had the exquisite fortune of having a bespoke pair of handsome shoes made for me at John Lobbs Shoes.

The honeymoon lasted a marvelous 6 weeks, traveling to Saltzburg to visit the actual location of the "Sound of Music," whose performance we were so excited to attend with Julie Andrews during our sojourn in London. Next, we visited Le Richemond in Geneva, on to the Ritz in Paris and to top it off, we ended our epic adventure at the Villa d'Este in Lake Como.

Still...I lusted after my first (and sadly only) pair of Bespoke shoes from Lobbs...which were delivered in their marvelous finery to me at my summer cottage on Nantucket...a full 6 months after being measured, picking the leather and being formed to my own privileged feet.

I am an unabashed Anglophile, as is my former wife (alas the marriage ended after 14 years but produced two beautiful daughters and our 7th precious grandchild is on the way. The beautiful Lobbs shoes actually lasted beyond my marriage, only to fall prey to the truly plebian pooch of one of the many non-Anglophile and perfectly humble young ladies I used to squire around after my divorce. To say that my cries of anguish over the loss of my fine shoes caused even the slightest apology from the long forgotten lass with the ill-behaved dog is proof of the pudding that that union could never last. Yet...I have never had the occasion to replace my bespoke footwear...until now.

I occasionally treat myself to a gift after a "liquidity event" and recently, one of my latest ventures is poised to bear fruit...and quite a lot of "fruit" indeed. I decided to see if I could have my second pair of Lobbs shoes made for this last chapter of my life on this fair Earth and remembered that John Lobbs Shoes maintained their original measurements of each handmade pair of shoes...for a remarkable 100 years. I got it's only been 34 years, after all!

So, this evening, from my home in La Jolla, I reached across "The Pond" and inquired as to the steps to acquire my second pair of Bespoke Shoes from John Lobb. I can't wait to hear back and make these arrangements and yes...I shall be counting the days for the expected 6 month delay in receiving this most appreciated self gift.

Posted on January 26, 2018 .