Peter J. Burns III: I Would Rather Be Lucky Than Smart!


"There was never a question that California would have a huge retail marijuana industry. It's the most populous state in the U.S., and it has either the sixth or 11th largest GDP in the world, depending on whether you factor in the high cost of living. The state's medical marijuana industry has been so locally and loosely regulated that some places have had de facto legalization for years. So: lots of money, lots of people, and a big customer base.

In less than five months, the state will begin granting retail marijuana licenses. In a new report issued this week, the California Bureau of Cannabis Control (CBCC) says it expects to grant 11,500 licenses across the medical and retail marijuana industries in just the first year." Mike Riggs

So, three weeks ago I was approached with an opportunity, that after quickly vetting (as best I could) I leaped into with both feet and eyes wide open. I wrote a blog about it that has generated quite a bit of activity:

Nearly every day, I seem to read an article or someone reaches out to me to speak about the nearly meteoric rise of every facet of the Cannabis industry...a topic that I freely admit knew virtually nothing about until a scant three weeks ago now. I do recognize opportunity though and while may well be my 150th start-up over the 42 years I have been a die-hard entrepreneur...I do believe that given the positioning of our unique products ("Cannabis Capital" and the only current legal merchant processing in the Cannabis industry)...we epitomize "being in the right place at the right time."

Life occasionally throws us a bone and if we are fortunate enough to catch it and run with it...we can actually parlay that into a bona fide fortune. Such is the case of the opportunity that fell into my lap and that I have embraced in the Cannabis industry. Currently, this "Wild West" industry generates an estimated $28 Billion in cash each year. That is a very big problem for everyone involved. Our solution, legal merchant processing, and "seed to sale" software with the cash vault will solve the cash only problem in the Cannabis industry. Literally, everyone (including yours truly) wins when our system is integrated into any legal dispensary, grower, delivery service and CBD vendor.

That news of California's pending (in 5 months) issuance of 11,500 Cannabis-related licenses will produce a staggering volume of cash revenues that will literally mean multi millions in monthly income to our new company....if we only convert 1% of the business available to us.

As the saying goes..."I'd rather be lucky than smart!"

Anyone out there in the Cannabis industry that wants to collaborate, please contact me at

Posted on January 26, 2018 .