Peter J. Burns III: "I Love It When A Plan Comes Together!"


Two years ago, I came up with a cool idea of utilizing vacant time in multi-million dollar vacation villas, acquired through a unique process and re-marketing that time at deep unpublished discounts to luxury travelers looking for the unheard of...multi-million dollar vacation villas at 30% off. I filed a Patent Pending, took on a knowledgeable partner and we're now ready for the "Big Time" with 974 villas in "inventory" and a $1.5 billion marketing partner in the travel aggregating field with 130 million members. This travel company books over $1.5 billion in travel to its 1 million strong inventory of hotels across the world. With 3.5 million "active" travelers on its 38,000 sites, only a 1% penetration of these travelers for our beautiful villas will yield us up to $50 million annual sales. Not too bad for an idea I thought of only 2 years ago...

I am domiciled in the Hamptons (NY) but came to San Diego a little over a year ago to negotiate a strategic partnership with the 4th largest airline ticketing company in the world with nearly $450 million in sales. There isn't much margin in airline tickets and the owner really liked our large margin (40%) villa business so I came out West to negotiate a deal between us. I moved to La Jolla for the interim...and stayed. It just doesn't get any better than where I am now.

The way I connected our villa business with the travel aggregator was right through this Linked In blog forum. I wrote a blog just one year ago called "Villas are the new 5 Star Hotels" and the Director of Business Development contacted me to see if we would like to include our villas as the "premium" offering in their inventory offering to their travel clientele. Of course, I jumped at the opportunity both negotiating a very favorable alliance as well as developing an excellent relationship with the gentleman who contacted me from my blog. (see blog below)


As we worked through the technical challenges of integrating vacation villa rentals into the hotel platform of the aggregator, I became aware of our new partner's woefully inadequate and troublesome airline ticketing offering to its hotel bookers...offered as a simple convenience and not a profit generator. Unfortunately, their airline ticketing referral partner was, in a nutshell....absolutely terrible- with multiple customer complaints and again...with zero profit to them.

Over the past year in La Jolla, I had developed a strong business and personal relationship with the owner and CFO of the airline ticketing company. I was able to facilitate the introduction of the airline company to the travel aggregator, a beta test between the two was carried out and a contract between the two companies that will allow the airline company to roll out its airline ticketing services to many of its 38,000 sites was executed only last week.

Simultaneously, a new entity involving a sweeping alliance between the aggregator, the airline company, the former Director of Business Development of the aggregator (with the CEO's blessings, of course) and yours truly...was executed last week also. Operations officially began on May 1st, only last Monday, and astonishingly enough...literally millions of dollars in business with an immediate net income of $100,000 per month has been booked. With the new Director of Business Development (and equity partner) at the helm and the support of two giants in the industry (airline ticketer and aggregator)...this venture is the largest (by far) of any of my ventures in the last 4 decades of my entrepreneurship endeavors.

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At 60 years young, unmarried since age 39 and living in Paradise, being the proud father of two daughters and soon to have 7 grandchildren...I plan on starting new business ventures for many years to come, God willing. :)

Posted on January 26, 2018 .