Peter J. Burns III: Help Us To "Sell Money"


Three months ago my well-known financier friend called me up to share that he had been offered access to a brand new FinTech product that was poised to revolutionize Small Business Lending. He asked me to join him and within hours, I'd branded the product, the Entrepreneurs Credit Card and written a blog, right here on Linked In.

The response to my blog showed us that we were on to something pretty big. In no time, I had one of my colleagues put up a simple web site, really nothing more than a landing page ( and my partner came up with a simple video explaining the product and process and we incorporated it into our site.

With little more than my Linked In blogs heralding this new financing tool, my partner and I managed to generate over $1.5 million Card approvals...with our first commissions just starting to roll in. In the vein of "A deal's not a deal til the check clears...." our "Beta Test" of the new FinTech product is complete and we are ready to roll out our revolutionary financing tool suitable for start-ups and expanding businesses alike.

So...we really happen to be "the first one in the space" and the only way to reach "sustainability" is to scale our efforts. My partner and I bootstrapped this project...heck, the video only cost $50 to produce, so we looked to Marketing Partnerships to assist. The commissions are very generous so the rewards are excellent and we have a lot to spread around to the savvy marketer. In the last several days, we've signed up 4 and soon to be 5 Marketing Partners who will net a generous 50% of our "Pay Day" for sending successful Card applicants through our seamless approval process.

We have an Agreement ready to execute with anyone that we approve to market our product, generally through our video with their own proprietary url link connected to their own CRM that tracks each application they bring in. After the applicant is funded, a direct wire for the appropriate commission is sent to each Marketing Partner. With an average approval of $50,000 and often up to $100,000 in unsecured credit granted...our Marketing Partner receives a respectable $1000 to $2000 per funded approval.

The best part paperwork, no follow through, no nothing but channeling business people that need money and qualify through our link. That's it. After providing our Underwriter with their own uploaded Credit Reports (instructions provided) a decision from the Underwriter, (based on a 121 point analysis of the Credit Profile) is kicked back to the Applicant in 30 seconds with an Approval (or not) and the range of Credit that will be granted. From that point on, the Underwriter takes over, all communication with the applicant is copied to the Marketing Partner and the status of each step of the funding process can be followed on the proprietary CRM provided to the Marketing Partner. Within 30-45 days or so, the approved client receives their funding and we all get paid.

In my 4 decades of start-ups, the FinTech product poses to become the simplest and most profitable opportunity to date. The "market" is virtually unlimited....everyone needs money and the terms, conditions and speed to funding of this resource are unbeatable...especially with banks as the competition. There are over 25 million Small Business in the USA and likely millions more of "wannapreneurs" out there eager to leave their dead end "Cubicle Nation" jobs to start their own venture. Our funding is available to all who qualify.

This is a "Call Out" to all of you Lead Generation professionals in FaceBook, Linked In, Text Messaging, SEO, Blogs, Email Marketing and Infomercials plus any other vertical that you labor in to put products and services of others in front of qualified prospects. My advice it for yourselves. If you are any good in your own field, bringing in only a dozen Approved Applicants to our link will net you $10,000-$20,000 each month that you deliver.

We know that our little enterprise can never keep up with the opportunity of putting out all of the unsecured capital to those who desire it but we'd like to give it a good shot...and with the help of enough qualified Marketing Partners like you all out there, we can all make good money and help a lot of fellow entrepreneurs.

Give it a shot yourself by visiting and if you would like to join us, reach out to me at and we will sign you up.

Posted on January 26, 2018 .