Peter J. Burns III: FireHose Start-Ups With Peter J. Burns III


On Dec. 16, 2016, Peter J. Burns III, an accomplished Serial Start-up Entrepreneur, announced his Ready, Fire, Aim business model. This model leverages Peter’s 40+ years of entrepreneurial experience, during which time he started over 100 businesses. Combining his knowledge from those experiences with his guerrilla financing skills, Peter has developed and proven a unique model on how to make start-ups work. In the process he has become an expert at taking solid business ideas and turning them into profitable, sustainable ventures.

The idea for FireHose Start-Ups dates back to Peter’s illuminating experience while teaching a course that he developed in 2007 at Arizona State University. As an Adjunct Faculty Member in the Barrett Honors College, Peter had the chance to teach a Start-Up Entrepreneurship course that he created. For the first time in his life, and after having already started so many businesses, he was now, in a position to take a number of his creative start-up ideas, and have a whole team of entrepreneurial minded people implementing them.

He brought the students his own style of start-up entrepreneurship, and in so doing came to understand better than ever the challenges that are common to all start-ups. He was able to experience the excitement, the energy, and the momentum that builds when a big group of entrepreneurs are all in it together. A month after the class ended, four of the students’ business plans (that Peter is aware of) were on their way to being funded, and a number of successful businesses resulted directly from the knowledge the students came away from that course with.

Barrett Honors College was pleased with Peter the Professor, and with the student feedback they received about his course, as you can see in this testimonial letter from the University.

Since that experience, Peter has continued to think big and to take action. In 2006 he created Club Entrepreneur in Phoenix, AZ. Within 3 years, there were over 10,000 members of Club Entrepreneur in 3 states. Well known Entrepreneurs like Michael Gerber were a common sight on Club Entrepreneur’s stages.

With FireHose Start-Ups, Peter brings the next big opportunity to entrepreneurs. It is the logical next step following that ASU class, and Club Entrepreneur. It is the perfect solution for ambitious, motivated, and entrepreneurial minded individuals. It resonates with people who don’t just want to start a business, but they are determined to succeed, and they want it to happen with THIS business.

With success as an Entrepreneur come the 2 most significant, yet elusive benefits: control of money and time. With true control over money and time, you have true freedom. Freedom to give more of yourself. Freedom to help more people, to do more for yourself, for your family and for your friends… your choice! 

That is what freedom is about, and is the “end game” for the Entrepreneurs who will be most attracted to the FireHose Start-Up Program.

How It All Evolved

Peter’s arsenal from his 40+ years as a Serial Start-Up Entrepreneur is a smartphone, a laptop, an internet connection (often at a favorite coffee shop) and his old fashioned Rolodex, which is filled with literally thousands of invaluable contacts. With these tools and his unique experience and expertise, Peter is in a position to help other “newbie” or less seasoned entrepreneurs by sharing his expertise and his network with them. As Peter thought more and more about his conversations with Bruce Blechman of Guerilla Financing fame, regarding the new unsecured credit line, he saw a way he could put all of this together and create something very powerful, essentially a start-up incubator, which has now evolved to FireHose Start-Ups.

Testing the waters, Peter began interviewing service providers, and putting together a list of preferred providers that he could refer to his start-ups once they get funded. He interviewed business plan writers, web and graphics designers, social media content creators, email marketing experts, SEO experts, direct mail experts, legal and accounting experts, etc. As he went through the interviewing process, Peter discovered a multitude of extremely talented resources out there that he could harness as he put his overall plan into action.

Peter explains how things evolved from there: “I fashioned a plan of action that combines my own litany of start-up ideas with the plans that entrepreneurs’ began bringing to me. The answer became clear as soon as I did my first guerrilla marketing test to gauge interest in this idea.” For business ideas that make sense, this new financing vehicle allows us to deliver that often elusive necessity: start-up capital. Once initial funding is in place, Peter brings together the right team of independent service providers to work with the Entrepreneur (and his/her team). They work together on defining a plan for implementing all of the elements of the business that are not part of the primary focus or core competency of that start-up.

Mixing all of this together properly, Peter realized that he could, in fact launch (and participate in) several ventures simultaneously while helping nascent entrepreneurs succeed. He helps mix the right ingredients, in the right proportions to allow motivated individuals to “bake their very own entrepreneurial cakes." The outline for FireHose Start-Ups was in place.

Key Differentiator: Providing Start-Up Money

Since cash is both necessary and often almost impossible for start-up entrepreneurs to find, Peter came up with a creative solution to this important problem. This solution allows anyone with a great idea and a credit score of 700+ to get up to $175,000 in unsecured credit for their new business. Now, to implement something like this takes much more than just an idea. It takes a lot of money and power to get the financial backing to introduce a new credit vehicle like this. 

How Did Peter Come Up With This Start-Up Funding Model?

This start-up funding model was made for one reason, and one reason only: because of the relationship that Peter has with Bruce Blechman. Bruce is an icon in the world of guerrilla financing; in fact, he wrote the NY Times best selling book on this topic, he taught at the University of Chicago and he is still out there coming up with new and novel ways to leverage his expertise and to learn and share new guerrilla financing strategies.

In late 2016, Bruce and his team finished the development and approval of a novel, unsecured credit vehicle. As this product was nearing completion, Bruce reached out to his friend Peter to discuss marketing, branding and positioning ideas for the new financing product. 

As Peter heard more about this new unsecured funding vehicle that Bruce was sharing with him, he knew there was something really big here. He spoke with Bruce about creating a customized version of the product, where this new credit vehicle could be used as a way to fund new startup businesses. Bruce was receptive, and soon the trickle of an idea turned into a stream, which has now widened to a river. Now, imagine all of the water in that river being funneled through a fire hose. 

That is where we are today. And the FireHose Startups name evolved from there. 

What Has Happened Since?

Within four days of announcing his plan for creating profitable businesses using this new approach, Peter had nine entrepreneurs pre-qualified for the up to $175,000 start-up cash. The resources are now in place, and the chess game has begun. Nine grew to 19 within days, and less than a week later there are 40 businesses that have started through the credit line application process. This means that committed capital in the amount of $4 million has been raised.

What if I Don’t Have A 700+ Credit Score?

Peter hasn’t left those with less than perfect credit behind, either. Rather, he has secured a unique credit enhancement vehicle that allows a person with less-than-perfect credit to piggyback (for a fee) enough trade line credit to increase their own credit, in a relatively short period of time, so as to qualify for the 700+ FICO score.

After getting Bruce’s buy-in, Peter packaged the unsecured credit line and his FireHose Startups idea into the Entrepreneur’s Credit Card. This is the first start-up funding vehicle of it’s kind - created for the sole purpose of funding good business ideas for people with good credit, specifically with credit scores of 700+.

See the video that explains all with immediate access to the "instant approval" algorithm to see how much you are qualified for:

Since first conceiving this idea and putting the word out, using guerrilla marketing strategies of a simple blog on LinkedIn, and without any paid media at all, Peter has generated over 40 qualified applicants in just the past 2 weeks. Below you will find some of the businesses that are moving through the application process at this time:

FireHose Startups

Here are some of the businesses that have passed Peter’s preliminary qualification process, and are now awaiting the approval of up to their $175K in unsecured funding:

Portable Cryo Treatment Lab - based on a technology with measurable health benefits, resulting from 2-3 minute sessions using this device, at temperatures colder than -150 degrees.

  • The Principals of the business may become clients

  • The first two franchisees are applying for the card

Boutique Hotels in Urban Areas - This business is based on a unique way to acquire 40 year leaseholds on aging boutique hotels, located in urban areas and tripling their profitability through select improvements and smart yield management techniques.

Double-Wide Mobiles as Snowbird Winter Homes - This business purchases and modifies Mobile Homes in upscale, desirable mobile home parks. The mobile homes are then sold to Snow Birds, on contracts for deeds. 

Portable Urgent Care Facilities - The first ever mobile urgent care facility, tethered to traditional facilities and creating the entirely new dynamic of going directly to where the clients are.

Tax Consultancy – Peter’s tax attorney who lives in Connecticut is opening up a tax consultancy firm in La Jolla, using The Entrepreneur Credit Card for the initial seed capital.

  • Synergy: Peter will refer his successful entrepreneur network to him as clients.

The Vetrepreneur Company  This venture will provide seed capital and entrepreneurial training and education for Military Vets who are serious about becoming Vetrepreneurs.

Marketing Company for 8760 App – This venture is focused on marketing the 8760 App, which combines luxury private jet travel with luxury entertainment into an exciting, revolutionary app and marketing opportunity.

Pet Transportation via Private Aviation - Employees being relocated sometimes have pets, and this company will provide the employees and their pets transportation, often paid for by their companies.

  • Peter has partnered with the 4th largest travel aggregator in the world, which services 1,000 companies with 120 million employee.

  • Some of these employees will need relocation

  • Some of these employees will be traveling far and have pets

  • This company will lower the price dramatically relative to what people are paying today

Niche Air Charter Business - This venture will focus on niches charters catering to groups like sports teams, music tours, group events worldwide.

  • This business will be run by a former employee of a large jet charter business

  • He has a powerful network that he knows will appreciate this service

Luxury Product Placement Program for Villas – This marketing agency will connect producers of luxury goods in over 1,000 luxury vacation villas that are already part of Peter’s network.

Ethiopian Imperial Coffee - This venture will market Ethiopian coffee, which when done effectively will position Ethiopian Imperial Coffee up there with the best available in the US - Jamaica Blue, Kona, etc.

Peter saw this opportunity when he went to do an NGO project in Ethiopia. While there, he learned that coffee was invented in Ethiopia thousands of years ago, and yet in their society, they have never branded their coffee. And this is in spite of the fact they have been selling this coffee to traders around the world.

Stem Cell Rejuvenation Treatment via Medical Tourism – This venture is focused on the leading edge of Stem Cell Rejuvenation Treatments. Using an individual’s own stem cells, a virtual ‘fountain of youth’ treatment plan has been discovered. This venture will fund medical protocols for qualified, selected treatment candidates, who will be given lodging during their treatment in one of the Villas controlled by Peter’s network.

Stem Cell Rejuvenation for Pets – This state-of-the-art treatment has been effective in healing animals and giving them the energy they had many years ago. This first ever stem cell therapy for pets was developed by a Chinese Medical doctor, and it is now being used to treat hip dysplasia in large dog breeds.

Incentive Group Luxury Travel App  – Reward employees with high-end vacation trips to full service multi-million vacation villas, rather than 5 Star resort hotels

Cost Segregation - Villas and Hotels – We produce your Cost Segregation Study at no cost strictly adhering to the IRS Cost Segregation Audit Technique Guidelines. In return, you trade us for unused time in your Villa or Hotel which you know you can't fill anyway. Your CPA submits the study summary and the taxpayer can either offset future tax liabilities up to that amount over the next 5 years or receive a refund for overpaid taxes up-to that summary amount by amending tax returns up to three years back.

Cost Segregation - Charitable Fundraising – You can get a “double hit” with Cost Segregation combining it with an additional 501C-3 charitable deduction. The Cost Segregation Study will yield a refund of significant benefit to the property owner. If the property owner then decided to use an additional 501C-3 charitable deduction of all (or some) of these proceeds, which is 100% deductible, this effectively gives the donor a “double hit” with zero actual cost in hard dollars.

Cost Segregation - Estate Planning - Show qualified home and business owners how to minimize their tax liabilities.

Cost Segregation - Fractional Ownership – Apply the benefits of cost segregation to a limited partnership. This unique methodology delivers tax benefits at unusually high levels while decreasing your tax liability making your partnership remarkably profitable at levels above your competition.

Examples of the new start-ups that will probably qualify for Cost Segregation, increasing their long-term profitability:

Portable Urgent Care Center with LA-based Urgent Care Center owner – An M.D. with 10 traditional urgent care centers in the Los Angeles area has an active interest being the first portable urgent care provider In the US.

Luxury Home Exchange – This venture allows owners of luxury homes to trade the use of their homes for the ability to stay in other luxury homes. The homeowner will pay a listing and transaction fee to feature their home in the listings. Equivalent value home stays would cost nothing outside of a transaction fee. The listor of the home earns credits that allows him/her to stay in other luxury homes. The entire transaction would cost nothing but a transaction fee.

 Please reach Peter at for further information and to apply for his Program and $175k Entrepreneurs Credit Card.

See the video describing the offer and easy process to qualify at

Posted on January 26, 2018 .