Peter J. Burns III: Coming Full Circle...

My first "official" business was the importing of mopeds from Europe to the US and renting them to tourists, first at my summer home of Nantucket Island in the summer of 1977. The moped rental business spawned from a business plan written in my "Entrepreneurship" class at the University of Virginia's, McIntire School of Commerce. I was 19 years old. In years to come, I had 100 locations around the world making it the largest recreational rental company of its kind.

Thirty nine years later, I actually find myself returned to the same space of the travel and recreation industry, albeit on a bit loftier scale with "The 1%," a hybrid luxury travel niche with great promise as a "disruptive technology" in the space. Remarkably, I still possess that same flame of enthusiasm for the exhilarating processes I am going through now with my two or three week start-up that I did when I first set up shop in a dirt lot in the middle of town on Nantucket with my thrift shop table and cash box (bought for 50 cents) and row of 15 shiny new mopeds for rent on that fateful summer nearly 4 decades ago.

Life changes and life remains the same...going full circle.

Ahhh, the life of an entrepreneur...I wouldn't trade it for anything and there is no place on Earth than America to make one's dreams come true.

Posted on January 26, 2018 .