Peter J. Burns III: Collaborative Capital(ism)


I'm "all in" on the latest venture, the Entrepreneurs Credit Card ( and in light of the many ways in which this "product" (money) can be utilized...I'll never run out of ways in which to expand upon it.

The subject of today's blog is "Collaborative Capital(ism)" that is, using one's access to capital (through the Entrepreneurs Credit Card) to assist and participate in another's venture. In effect, tapping into the access to capital of the Card, can turn one into a de facto "Angel Investor."

Let's face it, everyone needs money...especially start-up or expanding businesses. The person with the business idea doesn't necessarily know how to start and run that business, so a competent manager must be hired-that takes cash. Just because the product or idea is the "greatest thing since sliced bread" no one is going to pay for it if they don't know about it-marketing takes money. Then, there's always the ongoing challenge of acquiring the money you need through friends, family or one's "friendly" neighborhood bank. Well, we all know how that can work out...not at all, so now there is the Entrepreneurs Credit Card. However, unless your FICO score is 700 you're not getting that $100k in affordable capital either. steps the de facto "Angel Investor," who uses their hard-earned credit score of 700+ to qualify and obtain the most flexible and affordable capital available today. By simply clicking the link and following the easy instructions, in 30 seconds one can learn how much one is qualified to obtain in credit-from $25,000 all the way to $100,000. This money is interest free for 6 months (or more) and the principal payable back at 2% a month for a 4 year period. There is no collateral required and only your good credit is the key.

Now comes the fun...match your access to credit to that entrepreneur's dream and take a piece of equity for access to your capital. Every deal is different and you can structure it any way that works for both you as the investor and the entrepreneur as the borrower/partner. Use a competent small business attorney to draft the proper documentation and paperwork between you two.

I, personally, know this works because in each of two cases, a Card recipient (one for $40k and the other for $100k) are staking two of my own Entrepreneurs Credit Card verticals. In the first case, a talented lead generator is exchanging his skills and $40k in capital to create a lead generation funnel involving FaceBook advertising to generate leads from other erstwhile Entrepreneurs Credit Card applicants to fund their own ventures. In exchange, this investor will receive a full 50% of the fees generated from leads that he created with his Facebook advertising efforts. The $40k loan will likely be retired before the interest starts in 6 months and will come from an agreed upon split of each Card fee generated before the sharing of the proceeds between that partner and my side.

The second and even more exciting opportunity of practicing "Collaborative Capital(ism)" involves bringing in an expert in the infomercial industry, creating 1 minute commercials featuring my well respected financing guru and sharing the opportunity to millions of viewers. Judging from the R&D completed on other successful FinTech infomercial offerings...this $100,000 investment (all from our Card) will likely return a great deal of other successful Card applicants...earning both the "investor" and my side a great return on their investment. Each party earns a 50% stake, with the $100k Card balance repaid from each time a new Card is issued and before the fees earned are distributed.

Like all entrepreneurial ventures, there is always a Risk/Reward ratio to be weighed. In each of these two cases, the "investor" is actually a customer of the product in which they are investing in-one through FaceBook advertising and the other through infomercials. Each "investor" stands to make a significant and ongoing cash flow as their marketing efforts are fine-tuned and more and more people become aware of and apply for the Entrepreneurs Credit Card.

Think about this...which of you out there has a good credit score that can be tapped into our new source of capital? Who do you know that has a great idea that merits funding and would share with you for your financing help? If the reward merits the risk... go for it and help propel the "American Dream of Business Ownership"

I'm here to help so reach out to me if you're intrigued.

Posted on January 26, 2018 .