Peter J. Burns III: Capital Collaboration


As a "Big Picture" kind of guy...once I start a new venture and prove it out, I'm generally off to the next start-up idea. Now, it's not that I don't want to see the "latest and greatest" venture take off and grow and make lots of's just at this stage of my life, I want other people to help me and I willingly share generously. 

Truth be told...I have the attention span of a gnat. lol

So, on this Post, I'm reaching out for help in marketing my 3 month old FinTech product ( and here are some actual results in the past 2 months:

Example of Actual Funded Companies for Unsecured Financing (2 months)

 Health Related $116k

 Restaurant $53k

 Psychology $45k

 Media $22k

 Employment $86k

 Inventions $61k

 Restaurant $61k

 Health Related $86k

 Media $35k

 Recreational $100k

 Real Estate Rehab $22k

 Souvenirs $34k

 Biz Advice $40k

 Graphics $35k

 Pet Prod $60k

 Medical Device $16k

Total $872k

The new venture banked over $43,000 in fees...not bad for a brand new venture in only a couple of months.

If you bring us business, I will give you a 50% cut. It really is pretty simple...everyone needs $, my capital resources have it and your referral gets approved with the amount - 30 seconds after applying. The process is outlined on the video below:

If you want to market for us...simply send me an email to



Posted on January 26, 2018 .