Peter J. Burns III: A Potpourri of Opportunities - Updated


As a passionate serial start-up entrepreneur, I often flit around deals like a honey bee pollinating flowers. Well, I am firmly settled now in the best all around place I have ever lived, La Jolla, and it is my time to build out each of the following ventures I rolled out (or invested in) during this past year or so:

The Opportunities:


Cannabiz Insiders ( - is a brand new start-up (6 weeks) unique in the Cannabis industry. Our strategic partners have created sweeping (and legal) banking services hereunto unknown in the burgeoning Cannabis industry in the US. The "disconnect" between the Federal authorities treating Medical Marijuana sales as an illegal Substance 1 drug, while the States have been licensing legitimate operators...prohibits the ability for the Cannabis business operators to enjoy banking as all other businesses have access to. Therein lies the staggering opportunity for the entrepreneur to enter into the "Cannabis Banking" niche market.

There is a significant opportunity for Commissioned Agents to bring in licensed Cannabis dispensary operators, growers and delivery services into our "Cannabis Banking" program.

You will receive a significant and re-occurring commission stream from each successful introduction coming into our Program.


Avia Travel Services ( - a well established hospitality travel technology solutions provider with 1 million hotels and every air fare provider at unbeatable prices available to our Closed User Groups (CUGs). Additionally, Avia Group Travel provides a state-of-the-art group booking technology for providing both lodging and airfare for virtually any size group going anywhere in the world.

Bring to Avia Closed User Groups (CUGs) that are businesses or organizations with thousands or millions of members who will use our travel services as an employee or member benefit.

There is a significant and re-occuring commissionable award for making the introduction that our staff successfully closes.

Introduce Avia to Group Travel Opportunities from 10 to 1000 (or more) travelers who require lodging and/or airfare to literally anywhere in the world. Our trained staff at headquarters in Long Beach (CA) will professionally conclude the transaction for each Group.

You will receive a healthy commission for the successful introduction based upon the number of rooms and volume of the transaction.


Become an Affiliate to our Entrepreneur Credit Card ( Introduced only in December (2016) the Entrepreneur Credit Card has generated $2 million in funding between my partner and my informal marketing to our own contacts. My partner, Bruce Blechman, used his own email list and I blogged on Linked In. The Product is best explained on the following video:

We generate commissions from our Underwriter for bringing clients that take the credit lines offered. We share our commissions with you for clients that you bring to us. You will have your own URL and CRM plus the lead funnels that we have created for you. See below:

The commissions you will earn for simply directing clients to your designated URL is quite significant and our Product is the best available in our space.


Over the years, I have initiated around 200 Cost Segregation Studies, referred to select Cost Segregation Engineers resulting in millions of dollars of tax benefits to the clients. is my marketing company that explains this powerful, yet little known tax benefit for commercial property owners and vacation villas.

This is a total "Blue Ocean" opportunity as only 5% of the eligible property owners take advantage of this IRS-approved (20 years on the books) tax saving strategy. Only a handful of engineering companies can perform these studies to the IRS guidelines and we are licensed with the best there is.

This is a commissionable opportunity for bringing us commercial property (and eligible villa owners) owners who undertake the study. There is a 30 to 50 times multiple of benefits to property owner for the cost of each study.

As a marketing company, we earn commissions on each study and will pay you for your key property owner introductions.


Two years ago, a partner and I started HL Villas ( Now, we have nearly 1000 luxury vacation villas from around the world that are available to rent at rates 30% less than the posted rentals rates, subject to availability. These villas are listed on our private (member only) site of

We seek to add villas to our inventory, using our unique acquisition methodology explained at In effect, we trade villa owners luxury goods to fill their places for empty time and arbitrage the spread earned from luxury travelers (members) who travel for 30% off the posted prices. Because of our airline connections, we can even exchange the discount for 4 Business Class Tickets for select villas. An example of this can be found at

The opportunity here is to bring us additional multi-million dollar vacation villas to add to our inventory for a very healthy commission.

There it is...five distinct and profitable ventures that were created all in the last year or two with opportunities to earn virtually unlimited cash flow of one time and often re-occuring income. If you are a marketer, salesperson, affiliate marketer or even someone that wants to "monetize your Rolodex," get in touch.

I can be reached at and I look forward to speaking with you.

Posted on January 26, 2018 .