Peter J. Burns III: 2017 Is The "Year Of The Entrepreneur"


In 1776 the United States of America was, over 240 years ago. This Nation, still the most free and strongest on the face of our planet, was actually founded by intrepid Entrepreneurs. These brave men, women and children forsaking all else, sought both freedom and self-determination by making the harrowing journey across thousands of miles of often unfriendly seas. to Nearly 169 years before the Colonies fought and won their freedom from the English Crown to become the Great Nation she is and will forever be, these pioneers arrived to the "New World" and staked their claim.

The pioneers who made their way to our land were actually true blue Entrepreneurs with little material goods and a "can do" attitude that successfully harvested the vast natural resources of the land and built its settlements, then its towns, cities, territories, and States...ultimately giving birth to the United States of America. These countrymen built small businesses to support first their families and then others with many ventures eventually growing to become colossal enterprises that propelled this country to its greatness - providing goods, services and employment to its populace. Through the innovation and tenacity of the Entrepreneurs in its midst, America grew in power and wealth with the ability and willingness to extend its largess to the rest of the world. There has never been, not will there ever be a Nation like America.

Today, after a demoralizing 8 years of an unprecedented Socialistic attack on the very fabric that is America, by perhaps the weakest excuse of a Presidency that ever led our country...a new optimism has been reborn. The Trump Presidency, the Republican majorities in both the Senate and Congress, joined by a soon-to-become again, Super majority of Conservative Supreme Court Justices (that will enforce our fair laws and wipe out the unfair ones-likely for the next generation)...make this time the "Perfect Storm" for the Entrepreneur.

Our soon-to-be President Trump, who disdains "Politics as Usual" is actually his own "disruptive technology" in every sense of the word. He is an Apex Capitalist and an unparalleled Entrepreneur, whose "can do" attitude and judicious use of wealth and power will drag the pathetic screaming Liberals and Left Wing Media kicking and screaming to an epic resurgence of the power and supremacy that this country, forged in the blood and sacrifices of its Founding Fathers and citizens is destined for.

The Entrepreneur's time has come. Every single massive corporation on Earth was created by the Entrepreneur. With "stops and starts" and thwarted by nearly every Administration in Office before and even downright discouraged by the last joke of the past 8 years...the Entrepreneur finally has a voice and indeed a fellow believer in Free Enterprise and the American Way.

We have our Champion and the impediments that the Government has traditionally thrown into our paths will be dismantled as the sheer moxie of the "Entrepreneur Class" of America retakes its throne as the true leaders of preserving the freedom of self-determination that can only be won through entrepreneurship.

God bless America and God Bless America's Entrepreneurs!

Posted on January 26, 2018 .